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Jul 31, 2018
New Representation thanks to an art fair in London Comments

After many years of not exhibiting in England, particularly in London, I took part in the very well attended Art Fair "Parallax" in Kensington Town Hall last week-end ( 20-21st July 2018).  I booked a large space where the visitors could appreciate the intricacy of my work so that they could be drawn in by the fact that I had embroidered the painting. It was such a pleasure to see the delight and awe from the visitors and many stated that they had never seen such a technique. 

The week-end was very much full on most of the time,the atmosphere electric and buzzing with thousands of art fans who filtered through searching for the pieces they wished to acquire or put on their wish list. I never stopped talking and ended up with a sore throat, however, I was very pleased with the very positive responses concerning my work. 

The highlight, apart from selling a piece later, was being contacted by various galleries and I accepted the kind invitation of Ms Yang from G&C Gallery in Royal Tunbridge Wells to represent me in her gallery. She will present my work for sale in their next exciting event taking place in Burrswood Church at the Well being Centre during August  26 - 7.(further details at the events box)), I was delighted to deliver remaining works of my Italian beach collection to their gallery in Camden Street , Royal Tunbridge Wells on Monday. Its a wonderful place with such unique pieces from local and international artists. Visit their site at

This is an example of one work  called "Rock Flower" 30x30cm, inspired by the natural wildness of the Gargano coast., painted and prepared at an Art Residency this year.The erosion of the sea waves had created unusual markings in the rock which were in a radial fashion and resembled a flower form, especially as there was an actual plant seeping through the middle,with fleshy leaves and a contorted stems.

buy Ann Dunbar Art international art show gardenart show embroidery on painting


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Oct 5, 2017
TV interview on TV Osasco, São Paolo, Brazil Comments

My husband and I,in collaboration with Gladys Ometto Atelier, took part in a live interview on Osasco YV about our work. We were guests of honour in two exhibitions organised by Gladys, from 16-28 September in Limeira Shopping centre at Licia Simoneti Gallery and at the Prefecture of Osasco, San Paulo , Brazil on 20th to 28th September 2017


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Jan 15, 2017
Presentation of my work technique Comments

I have been following an online course called "The working artist" in 2016, conceived and hosted by Christa Cloutier, an amazing art coach who presents the ultimate professional training that every artist should know and practice. This video is Christa's idea to introduce the artists' elevator's pitch who followed her course recently to make and present a short video, under a minute..


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Jul 12, 2017
European Art Museum Comments

Wonderful news!!!! My embroidery on water colour entitled " Three Hens", of Provence, is on its way to Denmark for display in a permanent collection at the European Art Museum. The purpose of this particular museum is to hold a unique collection of artworks of all styles and genres of great quality, created by professional artists between the years 2000- 2025, covering a quartter of a century of art history which all, eventually be housed in a new building of this epoque.

Every year a new catalogue and reception is held of all new participating artists' work that has been selected telling their story and achievements. The work cannot be for sale as it is the property of the Museum. I am honoured to be part of this and to be included in the history of art now and in the future. So proud to have another diploma and medal to note my first entry into a museum.


three-hens-small.jpg European Art Museum

art museum provence hens embroidery european art museum


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Jan 9, 2017
Start a new leaf. Comments

A new year, new fresh ideas and resolutions all amounts to starting a new "leaf". My first creation 2017, "Leaf Mandala" 20x20cm embroidery on hologrammic paper, which embodies meaning of energy, growth, hope, journeys, reflection and symmetry in harmony, are points which will guide us to do the best we can, whatever we want and need, it is all down to each and every individual.
We are modelled by are thoughts: we become what we think. As an artist, thoughts and images are imagined in our minds, emerging from the subconscious just like the feelings in our hearts reach the surface, we produce our artwork, our internal vision, our quest for inspiration and direction with colour, form, texture and shape, we create like going through mystical journey, not knowing where it is taking us. What will be the result? The life as an artist is like a quest, a constant search of personal expression, a personal response to what we have seen,experienced, what we have dreamt,books we have read, places we have seen, people we have met. Wow what a combination, what a responsibility, what an amazing life we have with its up and downs, like the flow of the tides, the waxing and waning  of the moon, the phases of time and the whole movement in the cosmos. All this makes you feel humbled and privileged.
A fresh new leaf of life where time is to be spent as you want and then leads you to where you have to be and go. Artists we can be our own guide, our own self, our own being, we are unique and we all have our place here to offer joy, peace, hope and glory through our art. Art is LIFE.


20170108-172449-1-1-resized.jpg Start a new leaf.


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Jan 18, 2016
Working with mixed media Comments

For a long while I having been using exclusively water colour as the main medium for the background to ally with embroidery. Now I have incorporated other media to my embroidery with exciting effects. A good example of this is laying an area on the paper with gold leaf which is subsequently washed over with a strong coloured ink and then varnished before a motif is embroidered in metal thread on top. I have produced a series of this magical combination which was as a result of an inspirational visit to the ancient temples in Laos and Cambodia. 

Another use of media media with embroidery on paper I have recently used successfully is to apply acrylic paint as a print or base for the purpose of a resist so that when a  weak colour of water colour is laid over, the acrylic painted area shows through. I love using interference medium with water colour or ink to achieve more unusual opalescent surfaces and other optical colour effets are possible. If you wish to see the results of my experimental work, go to my new Facebook page where I shall be posting these new ideas.

The link of my new Facebook page where soon I will have fresh ideas and how they are developed and how I have enhanced them with embroidery. Like my page to learn more and hope you will be inspired by my techniques. -857912400972657

Techniques in art. Embroidery. Mixed media.


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Oct 23, 2015
Oceans of Oz Exhibition- for one week only Comments

The upcoming event taking place at Galerie Art'& Miss, 14 rue Sainte Anastase, Paris 75003,, opens on 1st December. I am very excited as this project is a collaboration with another award winning artist from Australia: Olivia Alexander. It has taken a year to prepare the exquisite works to grace the walls of this charming gallery, only a few metres away from musée Picasso.

We are going to make the gallery come alive with our different expressions in the use of mixed media, inspired by the beautiful coastlines of Australia. After having spent some time in NSW and SW of Sydney, I can assure you that they are the most natural, well preserved coastlines I have ever seen. The crystal azure water and erosive marks sculpted on the rocky shores are stunning. I was particulaly attracted to the rockpools and the variety of shells.

I met Olivia three years ago,through an Italian curator we work with because she loved to exhibit in France, I suggested to join various salons and then the idea of working on a theme close to our hearts came to surface. Olivia, like myself, is inspired by the natural wildness of landscape, untouched by man.She does not paint realism but rather an expression of what she sees and feels whilst observing the scene. The extensive variety of formes,textures, pattern,colours and rhythms, all play a role in stimulating her technique of layering experimental mixed media.My work, however, is more classical and romantic in manner and the embroidery expresses the movement, relief and textures in my compositions. Our work combines together in a well suited and unified way by the unusual effects obtained with our materials.

We have various publications from international magazines (see enclosed with this blog)

Our work in this exhibition ties up with the issues of the fragile envoronment we live in: rising sea levels, global warming, pollution etc, hot topics which hit Paris this moment with the COP21 debate. We wish to raise awareness of the fragility and beauty of our marine world.

During the week, we have many exciting artistic and cultural events.

Open every day from 11h to 19h

Tuesday 1st December:  Press evening

Thursday 3rd December: Grand Opening from 18h




untitled-2-announce-ooz-copy.jpg Oceans of Oz Exhibition- for one week only


art-beyond-winter-2015-p.jpg Oceans of Oz Exhibition- for one week only


postcard-1.jpg Oceans of Oz Exhibition- for one week only


when-the-evening-comes-90x70cm-ann-dunbar.jpg Oceans of Oz Exhibition- for one week only

Oceans of oz Australia oceans marine barrier reef coastline beach seaviews


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May 2, 2015
I am blessed Comments

As artists, we have the responsibility to show to the world the windows of our soul and to transmit through our style and technique, what we feel and see. We work night and day with form, colour, texture, line and perspective with the intention of stirring an emotion, personal reponses to our experiences and to build a legacy of art which will go down in the history of time. Our paintings are a record of our time, our lives, our world as humans and of the universe. Seeing art this way, makes you feel humble and accountable. But that which elevates our spirit, that which builds our culture and develops and refines our thoughts can be a common bond towards a better understanding of ourselves. Art transcends the everyday and leads us into the future with a treasury of humanity.

May and June of 2015, I have acquired  five art international awards, see list below, that I feel that I have touched many souls and that I am truly blessed to be so honoured.

1.Encouragement prize awarded by the Institute European of Contemporary art, France April 2015

2. Pierre Paul Rubens International art Award of high recognition, Italie in Arte, Lecce Italie, June 2015

3. Finalist of the online "Healing power of art "competition represented by Mahattan Art International, New York.

4. Imperial Rome, international art prize, Rome May 2015

5; Art Critic Award, Italian art ctitic, Salavatore Russo, June 2015

My search and cultivation for beauty is the object of my being an artist.Since I was twelve years old, I knew, I was destined to become an artist. it did not happen straight away, it was a testing time full of trails and errors.  It is with research and incessant aesthetic striving which had driven me to try different modes of expression and to seek new influences to adapt to my style and signature.The stimulas of a new vista, a new experience, new possibilities and experiment is vital for the nourishment of new ideas. However well known a theme or subject to paint may be, an artist has the power to re-energize and re-vitalise any source of imagery and place his or her own stamp or branding, if you like. It is said by the great artist an philospher, Roerich," A man whose heart and eyes are closed to beauty can never be a great reformer, and his words will never live as a great relevation"






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Apr 4, 2015
Silver Award Comments

Thank you to all my followers, my visitors, the artmajeur team and to everyone who has admired my work., I am so happy to receive the Artmajeur silver award on 2nd April 2015.

This year has been very busy indeed. An artist's life requires a great deal of organisation:

1: Planning  art exhibitions and future shows

2: Creation of new works

3 Preparing catalogues, photographing works and listing in albums

4: Up-dating blogs, websites, repyling to emails, writing statements, organising paper work, subscribing to associations, applying  for competitions and magazine articles

5 Attending vernissages, networking and curating or collaborating with other artists

This is just the tip of the iceburg. I have not mentioned the numerous hours of research on the internet, marketing and promotional activities.

I really enjoy doing all of this. From one day to the next, there is something different to tackle. Some tasks are quite repetitive, others quite challenging or new. Whatever, there are always our followers and admirers who cheer you on. To you all, wherever you are, a big hug for your support.



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Sep 19, 2014
"Jardins des rêves" (Gardens of dreams) Comments

This summer I visited the famous Monet's garden in Giverny. It is the first time that I saw it in all its glory in the height of summer. The wild mix of colours and textures was mind blowing.What is the magic of a garden which draws thousands of people to visit? Not just the fame of Monet's painting! We want to be part of the piece of paradise  he created, his sanctuary, his place of inspiration, his vision of beauty. At first glance, you see the pink house shrouded in leafy creepers, then looking all around, the array of arbours, rose columns, geranium islands and plots of perrenials and par-terres overflowering with annuals in gay abandon. You are overwhelmed by the profusion of colour, however a plan is evident. This a  place for every theme or mood.Elongated groupings of cosmos with roses, mingled with a drift of oriental poppies. The impact is powerful and breath taking. There is a white garden, an English border, formal plots and archways leading you to amazing vistas, lavender- lined walks taking you to flamboyant planted islands.  You cannot help having an upbeat feeling and you want to paint the scene straight away  I knew then, I would devote an entire exhibition transmitting my reponse to this magnificient garden into my own work and technique.I could feel Monet's soul and I sensed the spirit of his painting : I use the same principle of colour mixing with embroidery. With this exhibition, I will express my elated feeling of happiness and transcedental emotions of almost being in dream , whilst witnessing the magical garden of Monet., hence "jardins des rêves".

Solo Exhibition at GALERIE ARTES, 11 rue Frédéric Sauton, Paris 75005

8-14 DECEMBER 2014, Open every day from 11h to 19h.  Vernissage; Tuesday 9th December 2014 from 18h to 21h Free Entrance and curated by artist Ann Dunbar




poppies-monet.jpg "Jardins des rêves"   (Gardens of dreams)

Monet Giverny garden Embroidery on paper Ann Dunbar Summer garden embroidered garden.


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Aug 28, 2014
SAM 2014, Who's Who Art club International event Comments

From September 10th, I will be officially a member of the Who's who art club international group.  I am looking forward to taking part in their event of the "rentrée" in Paris, at the prestigious "Galerie Etienne de Causans". I will presenting a panoramic dyptyque in the  first week of its launch from October 8th to October 11th, (the vernissage takes place in the evening of the 7th from 18h till 22h.) If you would like to meet me and see my paintings, I will be delighted to send you a personalised invitation to the opening, just send me a PM with your email address. Now a little information about the story of my dyptyque:-

I had the fortune of visiting the most beautiful coastline on the SW part of California some time ago. I remember as if it was yesterday, my paintings bring back my emotional response to its wild beauty. It was the ruggedness of the rocks and the crashing waves against them which struck me, but most of all I was mesmerised by the cliff-side clothed in a carpet of bronze and pink. It was the effect of a succulent flower creeper, which I have never seen before but it took my breath away and I wanted to stay there forever.  The panorama I created from this scene is one of my favorite pieces even though the compostion and detail took some time to resolve. When I think of it, all artists sometimes have doubts of the outcome of their efforts. On several occasions the result can be disasterous: colour too strong, or not enough contrast. The lesson here is never give up!!!!! , keep calm, put the painting away in a cupboard and come back to it  later. It is very often the case that it can end up a master piece. This is what happened to this particular painting. The actual composition and layout was balanced, the detail correctly applied but there was something missing.With fresh eyes and bold strokes of paint and other materials, the painting was transformed. It has impact. I am thrilled with the overall result: the colours fresh and luminious -you feel as if you are actually witnessing the sunset, you even sense the movement of the gulls as they sweep across the rose- coloured sky. The depth and textural detail is engaging too, looking three dimensional, so much so, you can imagine the softness under your feet.

SAM 2014 Salon des artistes Membres et amis de Whos who Art Club international. Ann's dyptyque sunset sublime 1 and 2 is exhibited at  Galerie Etienne de Causans,25 rue de Seine, Paris 75006 from October 8th to 11th 2014. Opening hours are 11h to 13h and 14h30 to 19h, closed on Sunday.

0033(0)6 07 06 25 91 for more information




sunset-sublime-no2-sw-californian-coast-ann-dunbar.jpg SAM 2014, Who's Who Art club International event

SAM 2014 Who's who art club international Ann Dunbar Sunset Sublime galerie Etienne de causans Paris 6ème


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Mar 20, 2014
Academy Title. Comments

  I have officially received a letter from the Jury board and General President of the Academy International

"Greci-Marino" del Verbano, Italy  today on the 20th March

Thanks to their delegate in France, Madame Dominique Le Magoarou ,who proposed the nomination:

In the art section, I am nominated Grand Académicien International des Académies "Greci-Marino-del Verbano", Italy.

I am very honored to be awarded this important title from the patronage of Greci-Marino.




Academy Creci-Marino Accademia internationale "creci-marino" del verbano di lettere arti scienze. L'académie "creci-marino italie mérites artistiques culturels ou professionnels.


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Feb 18, 2014
Boutique on-line Comments

You have the possibility to buy online, a selection of my embroidery on water colour, using secure online payment with paypal ,from this site www

The prices include shipping world-wide, however for long distances, ie: outside Europe, the glass and frames will be removed to prevent damage.

The paintings featured in this gallery is changed frequently, ie: every month to show new creations.

This month it is a collection of "Spring" views: flowers, gardens and landscape of spring.

online art shopping buy Ann Dunbar Art buy embroidery & water colour.


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Jan 17, 2014
Oxford International Art fair Comments

Its a very excting time as I have been selected to take part in this very popular art fair taking place in the grand town hall of Oxford,England., from 7th to 9th February 2014.

It is particularly a major event for me, as it has been well over ten years ago since I last exhibited in England and it is a wonderful opportunity to catch with my friends and collectors over there.

You will see a selection of vibrant landscapes mostly with golden hues of autumn and also harmonious compositions of my garden in spring.

For more information about this show visit Global Art Agency website:



spring-spectacular-large.jpg Oxford International Art fair


golden-season-96x86cm-large.jpg Oxford International Art fair


spring-companions-large.jpg Oxford International Art fair


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Apr 18, 2008
Embroidery on Water colour Comments

Ann is attracting acclaim in France with her unusual technique of free embroidery on her own water colours. Ann has always enjoyed mixing different art techniques. At art college she combined five techniques of embroidery with painting on silk and the results were stunning and took months to complete. However in the process, she discovered that she could sew freely by machine onto rag paper and with lots of patience and research, she found the right type of paper for the process. However the period of experimentation took ten years on and off until she was confident that she solved all the technical problems she encountered.

Reels of thread, mostly in silk,are applied layer by layer until the correct density of volume gives the subject a 3D effect. Ann, a predominately landscape/wildlife artist has a way of not only creating and presenting a lovely painting but possesses the ability to reach into one's soul and awaken the unconsious love of beauty that lies within us. Her favourite flowers are roses and poppies and are often featured in her collections. Just as a drift sweeping across a field or mixed with other plants will provide a luminous effect.Embroidery itself is a provactive statementof charm and Ann's idea of combining it with the transparent washes of water colour brings out a vividness and life-like quality.

Embroidery and water colour on paper drawing with a needle free embroidery on paper Ann Dunbar artist in paris.


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