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Jan 24, 2011
Press release Comments

Global decline in prices for all original works. Hurry to buy at a very low price.


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Aug 25, 2010
Press release Comments

Dear friends, I am very pleased to announce that now you can buy my high-quality prints, posters, giclee. Company FineArtAmerica took care of all: processing the visitor's credit card, printing on paper or canvas, framing, matting, canvas stretching, packaging, shipping. 100% returne garantee. Customers can return their purchased prints within 30 days of the date of delivery and receive a full refund of the purchase price (including shipping costs!). The returned items must be shipped back to in the original packing materials, and the customer is NOT responsible for the return shipping fee. Best prices. Shipping anywhere in the world. Most orders ship within 1 - 3 days. Welcome! Address shop prints posted on the page links

Дорогие друзья, я очень рад сообщить, что теперь вы можете купить мои высокого качества принты, постеры, жикле. Компания FineArtAmerica взяла на себя все заботы: обработку данных с кредитной карты посетителя (Visa, Mastercard и American Express), печать на бумаге или холсте, натяжение холста, оформление в рамку (если выбрано), оформление под стекло (если выбрано), упаковку, доставку. 100% гарантия возврата денег в течение 30 дней, в том числе и за доставку, если Ваш выбор Вас разочаровал. В этом случае компания берет на себя все расходы (даже за транспортировку обратно). Мы предлагаем Вашему вниманию лучшие цены. Компания доставит Вашу покупку в любую точку мира. Срок доставки обычно составляет 1-3 дня. Добро пожаловать! Адрес магазина принтов размещен на странице ссылок.


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Apr 24, 2010
Painting and Drawing - oil, acrylic, ink, gouache Comments

I'm trying to create images ideal for the perception of viewers, to find the right balance of colours and objects, to find the harmony in lines, in other words, to transfigure the nature in order to represent the feelings and emotions inspired by the natural objects without revealing the artist’s effort. I love working in different styles: realism, impressionism, symbolism, social and political, avant-garde. I use different styles and genres just as a tool for creating artistic images.



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Apr 19, 2010
Press release Comments

From 19 to 25 April in the exhibition hall of the Moscow Union of Artists of Moscow House of Artists "(address: ul.Kuznetsky Bridge, 11) will host the International Exhibition of Modern Art" RUSSIAN ART WEEK ", 24 April at 18.00 will be auctioned. Artist Andrey Soldatenko present at the exhibition-competition of two works: "All life is the game. Celebration in Zherovnitsa" and "Dollar or the philosophy of the crowd in pursuit of profit."

"The whole life of the game. Celebration in Zherovnitse". In Bulgaria there is still a tradition to arrange holidays in national costumes. And young and old trying to dress as their ancestors dressed. "Back to the past" and live the life which can live ancestors, recreating life, relationships and so on. It's part of life, and at the same time - this is just a game. But the game, which carries only the creative source and a lot of positives.

"The dollar, or philosophy of the crowd in pursuit of profit." On the one hand, it is pretty lyrical picture. The other. Sheep along the road strictly as a dollar sign. Story of sheep can be considered as turn (in real life it was a "turn" to drink). And finally, this is also the social metaphor. Life is very different looks depending on the point of view. This work is not of the discharge of conventional provocation. It shows how unpredictable events are symbolic in the real nature which surrounds us. Baran, who looks at us, can also be viewed as a metaphor: only one person in a hundred can not be like the other "sheep".


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Jan 25, 2010
Press release Comments

Exhibition. Bulgaria, Burgas. From 12 January to 10 February

In Bulgaria, Burgas from 12 January to 10 February will be the Bulgarian-Russian exhibition of paintings by Prism, which is attended by representatives of Russia as an artist Andrew Soldatenko (Saratov) and Azat Galimov (St. Petersburg), and Bulgarian artists and Anatoly Panagonov and Vesco Radulov. The exhibition has already visited Varna, Rousse, Pazardzhik, Sofia.

Last summer, all the artists participated in a joint open-air, on the Black Sea and in the foothills of the Balkans. Thus, each artist had the opportunity to express their vision of nature and life of the beautiful country of Bulgaria. In the exposition of the exhibition as plenernye work and the authors made in the workshops.


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