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Glass painting - stained glass painting - vitrage painting

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HISTORY OF THE GLASS PAINTING There is no conclusive knowledge about the origin of Glass Painting. Some claim that the art of painting on the back of glass goes back to the 4th century A.D. Its birthplace may have been in Egypt or Byzantium. However the technique was used in Italy in the Middle Ages, the process was also known in France and England. From the 14th century it was used in Germany. From the 16th century it was mass- produced in Italy, especially in Murano near Venice From the 17th century under-glass paintings became popular with landscapes, genre-paintings, portraits, etc. It was also customary to copy work of famous masters. Paintings by Hans Memlinc, Botticelli, Rubens, Van Dijck, and many others. In the 18th century painters such as Thomas Gainsborough produced under-glass paintings for peep shows. Some of them are displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London Glass Painting Today Glass painting is a form of art, which has evolved and gained prominence in the recent past. Glass painting basically involves painting on tinted glass that miraculously transforms a plain piece of lifeless glass, into a wonderful piece of art. It's effects can be amplified if placed under proper lighting. The images, diverse in subject matter, all unique and individual in character are outlined. They are then painted using special paints. Embedding with semi-precious stones, beaten gold leaf or glitters can enhance the look. Glass paintings are sometimes called stained glass paintings because of the designs that are outlined with a special Cernes Relief outliners.They are applied directly from the tube with the nozzle. There is very little that is comparable to the beauty of a glass painting. The effect of light streaming through the patterns of painted glass is indeed ethereal


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