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Sep 19, 2017
Hank Douglas 1948-2017 Comments


The Kindalew Collective Tribute to Hamlet “Hank” Douglas 1948-2017

Hank Douglas was a founding member of the Kindalew Collective. He was an extraordinary photographer and graphic artist. He was also a great friend and mentor.

Hank was an inveterate Washingtonian. As a native Washingtonian, he attended DC Public Schools and grew up in mostly Northeast Washington in the Ivy City/Trinidad neighborhoods. Hank new Washington.

Hank photographed Washington as he traveled through all of it. His fascination with his hometown led him to watch in awe at its changing landscape. He didn’t necessarily lament the change but he photographed it with jaw-dropping, dramatic black and white and color photographs.

His photographs are neighborhoods, communities where he grew up, had friends and family and experiences as all young people have of their homes – for good or ill. Hanks were for good.

Hank had a somewhat encyclopedic knowledge of DC and in class, he could always pinpoint areas and how the landscape had changed from the time of his youth to well into the era of the 2000’s and widespread gentrification. He did not fear not loathe gentrification. Hank got along with everybody unless they proved to be unworthy and even then he was just curious as to how they got that way. Heading toward his 70’s, he had the wisdom to understand how they got that way.

Mostly Hank lived a life with his beloved wife, Bing and keeping his trusty Sony RX-100 in his pocket or his Canon DSLR near his side as he traveled the streets of his also beloved Washington, DC. Looking for the light because if Hank knew anything, he knew that photographs were made by light and he was always looking for the light.

This gallery is a tribute to the many ways Hank captured the light.

We miss Hank, his over six-foot frame, his gray hair and salt and pepper beard, that laugh and an ever-present look of curiosity about those he met and waiting for the opportunity to share some bit of knowledge, some bit of trivia about his city, Washington, DC.


Hank Douglas Tribute


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