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20161123-113429.jpg - Sculpture ©2018 by ZOU -
20161123-113429.jpg - Sculpture ©2018 by ZOU -

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About this artwork:

Related themes: Sculpture
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17x29x20 cm © by ZOU
SAGESSE - Sculpture, 17x29x20 cm ©2016 by ZOU - Abstract Art, Ceramic, Women, statue, femme, ZOU, sagesse, sculpture, artiste, sculpteur, Nice, côte d'azur
8x15 cm ©2012 by ZOU
BOULETTE - Sculpture, 8x15 cm ©2012 by ZOU - clown accordéoniste patine et peinture
215x170x180 cm ©2011 by ZOU
TONIQUE MONUMENTALE - Sculpture, 215x170x180 cm ©2011 by ZOU - STATUE MONUMENTALE
22x22x20 cm ©2013 by ZOU
poétique - Sculpture, 22x22x20 cm ©2013 by ZOU - statue femme sculpture sculpteur nice cote d'azur ZOU
©2007 by ZOU
Sylvia - Painting ©2007 by ZOU -
14x14x39 cm ©2005 by ZOU
pensive - Sculpture, 14x14x39 cm ©2005 by ZOU - sculpture originale femme nue terre cuite patine bronze
©2003 by ZOU
angelisme - Painting ©2003 by ZOU -
22x22x22 cm ©2013 by ZOU
SWING - Sculpture, 22x22x22 cm ©2013 by ZOU - Abstract Art, Figurative Art, Bronze, Women, nice, cote d'azur, zou, la turbie
22x43 cm ©2004 by ZOU
tonique - Sculpture, 22x43 cm ©2004 by ZOU - Abstract Art, Ceramic, Women, résine de polyester, nice, cote d'azur, zou, la turbie

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