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portraits en couleur 1

65x50 cm © by Baliste
© Baliste
baliste-2002.jpg - Painting, 65x50 cm ©2017 by Baliste - Figurative Art, Paper, People, portrait, autoportrait, visage, pensive
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Baliste ~ baliste 2002

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illustrations 2 Images

42x59 cm ©2017 by Baliste
gran-carnavale-42x59-2017.jpg - Drawing, 42x59 cm ©2017 by Baliste - Figurative Art, Paper, Love / Romance, Performing Arts, Family, People, carnaval, couple, grand carnaval, gran carnavale, venezia, en couleurs, regard
29x21 cm ©2014 by Baliste
baliste-chien-2014.jpg - Drawing, 29x21 cm ©2014 by Baliste - Abstract Art, Paper, Animals, Architecture, Abstract Art, Fantasy, Geometric, chien, chien bleu, architecture, vie animale, chien assis

une histoire de poissons 2 Images

42x60x0.02 cm ©2017 by Baliste
pêche-électrique.jpg - Painting, 42x60x0.02 cm ©2017 by Baliste - Illustration, Paper, Fish, blue, bleu, poisson, pêche en mer, ocean
42x60x0.02 cm ©2017 by Baliste
sardines-en-boite.jpg - Painting, 42x60x0.02 cm ©2017 by Baliste - Figurative Art, Illustration, Paper, Nature, Fish, poissons, sardines, ocean, mer, bleu, fish, sardines en boîte
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