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31.4x46 cm ©1972 by ANGOT
©1972 ANGOT
Joan Miró - Plate II - Printmaking, 31.4x46 cm ©1972 by ANGOT - Surrealism, Paper, Miro, Joan, Miró, Maeght, catalogue, catalog, surréalism, surréalisme, surréalist, surréaliste, katalog, lithography, lithographie, литография

Angot ~ Joan Miró - Plate II

31.4x23 cm ©1972 by ANGOT
©1972 ANGOT
Joan Miró - Plate III - Printmaking, 31.4x23 cm ©1972 by ANGOT - Surrealism, Paper, Miro, Joan, Miró, surréalism, surréalisme, surréaliste, surréalist, papier, Maeght, catalog, lithographie, lithography, литография
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Angot ~ Joan Miró - Plate III

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Oeuvres sur papier 11 Images

32x24 cm ©2018 by ANGOT
Gold - Painting, 32x24 cm ©2018 by ANGOT - Abstract Art, Contemporary painting, Paper, Abstract Art, peinture, dessin, papier, paper, painting, signed, handsigned, hand signed, arte, fine art, art, contemporain, abstrait, abstract, gold, or, современный, contemporáneo, acrilico, astratto, abstraco, абстракция, kunst, acryl, akril, contemporary art, art for sale, gallery, galerie, drawing
32x24 cm ©2018 by ANGOT
Silver - Painting, 32x24 cm ©2018 by ANGOT - Abstract Art, Contemporary painting, Paper, Abstract Art, Peinture, dessin, papier, paper, signé, handsigned, hand signed, acrylique, acrylic, acrilico, akryl, abstrait, abstract, gallery, galerie, art for sale, art, arte, fine art, fineart, acryl, kunst, абстракция, astratto, abstracto, акрил, contemporáneo, современный, silver, argent, papel, бумага, drawing
32x24 cm ©2018 by ANGOT
Untitled abstract - Painting, 32x24 cm ©2018 by ANGOT - Abstract Art, Abstract Art, Colors, papier, paper, acrylique, acrylic, acrilico, acryl, contemporain, abstract, abstrait, surréaliste, surréalist, surréalisme, surréalism, red, or, gold, noir, black, rouge, blanc, white, gallery, galerie, art painting, signé, hand signed, handsigned, dessin, drawing

Dernières Œuvres 29 Images

80x60 cm ©2018 by ANGOT
Aloha from Hawaii - Mixed Media, 80x60 cm ©2018 by ANGOT - Paper arts, Portraiture, Street Art (Urban Art), Paper, Canvas, Cinema, Pop Culture / celebrity, Celebrity, People, toile, canvas, lienzo, ElvisPresley, Elvis, Presley, Chanteur, King, rock, rock and roll, roll, Hawaii, show, live, concert, poster, affiche, affiches, déchirée, lacérée, collée, Rotella, artwork, torn, marouflé, marouflage, signierte, leinwand, stecken, collage, sticking, glued, bloccato, pegado, cutting, cult, culte, locandina, cartaz, rasgado, décollage, Mimmo, signed, handsigned, hand signed, signé, Aloha, современный, contemporáneo, холст, kunst, fine art, contemporary art, gallery, galerie, art for sale, street, opera, elvis, king, chanteur, presley, rotella, mimmo
80x80x3.8 cm ©2018 by ANGOT
L'Homme - Mixed Media, 80x80x3.8 cm ©2018 by ANGOT - Abstract Art, Art Deco, Contemporary painting, Street Art (Urban Art), Surrealism, Canvas, Abstract Art, Men, Toile, canvas, mixed media, technique mixte, techniques mixtes, tela, signé, hand signed, handsigned, современный, contemporain, contemporáneo, акрил, acrylique, acrylic, acrilico, холст, abstracto, абстракция, astratto, lienzo, kunst, leinwand, acryl, akril, contemporary art, fineart, fine art, galerie, gallery, art for sale, homme, man, abstract, abstrait, surréalist, surréaliste, surréalisme, matière, structure, gesso
80x80x3.8 cm ©2018 by ANGOT
La Voie Lactée - Painting, 80x80x3.8 cm ©2018 by ANGOT - Abstract Art, Contemporary painting, Surrealism, Canvas, Abstract Art, Outer Space, Toile, canvas, lienzo, acrylique, acrylic, acrilico, акрил, холст, abstracto, astratto, абстракция, 艺术, kunst, leinwand, acryl, akril, fine art, fineart, gallery, galerie, современный, contemporáneo, contemporain, contemporary, art, art for sale, arte, noir, black, blanc, white, nacré, rouge, red, orange, jaune, yellow, cosmos, signé, hand signed, handsigned, modern art, modernart, interior design, design, home décor, couteau, knife, coltello, abstrait, abstract, nuit, night, noche, noite, ночь, космос, Milky Way, vía Láctea, Млечный путь, fond noir, fondo negro, fundo preto, black background, черный фон, luxe, luxury