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Riconoscimento da Artmajeur

©2018 by La-marks
©2018 La-marks
la-marks-riconoscimento-artmajeur.jpg - Personal photos ©2018 by La-marks -

La-Marks ~ la marks riconoscimento artmajeur
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Opere La-Marks-Dipinti a mano- 29 Images

80x69x0.2 cm ©2018 by La-marks
Il gorilla offeso.jpg - Painting, 80x69x0.2 cm ©2018 by La-marks - Surrealism, Wood, Animals, il gorilla
50x70x0.2 cm ©2018 by La-marks
Mr Wisdom.jpg - Painting, 50x70x0.2 cm ©2018 by La-marks - Figurative Art, Wood, People, Mr Wisdom, Einstein
60x70x2 cm ©2017 by La-marks
Toro-de-Lidia.jpg - Painting, 60x70x2 cm ©2017 by La-marks - Symbolism, Canvas, Animals, toro, toro de Lidia

Falsi d'Autore-Dipinti a mano- 2 Images

50x40x1.5 cm © by La-marks
Un grande ricordo a Leonardo-da-Vinci.jpg - Painting, 50x40x1.5 cm ©2017 by La-marks - Figurative Art, Canvas, People, leonardo da vinci, Un grande ricordo a Leonardo da Vinci, uomo d'ingegno, arte, Uomo vitruviano
70x60x1.5 cm © by La-marks
Urlo.jpg - Painting, 70x60x1.5 cm ©2017 by La-marks - Expressionism, Other, Canvas, Nature, Landscape, Urlo, munch, schreeuwen, crier, scream, gritar, 叫びます
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