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Stained glass

© by IZA
Tamara Lempicka - Installation ©2018 by IZA - Art Deco, Glass, Lempicka, stained glass, vitrail, vetrata, glass

Iza ~ Tamara Lempicka

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Collage 19 Images

© by IZA
KAMASUTRA - Mixed Media ©2018 by IZA - Photorealism, Pop Art, Paper, Body, Erotic, Love / Romance, Men, Nude, collage, paper, kamasutra
65x57 cm © by IZA
Multi robot exploration - Mixed Media, 65x57 cm ©2018 by IZA - Abstract Art, Paper, collage, mixed media, painting, paper, abstract, minimalism, minimal, composition, minimalismo
65x57 cm © by IZA
flop down - Mixed Media, 65x57 cm ©2018 by IZA - Abstract Art, Minimalism, Paper, collage, mixed media, paper, painting, minimal, minimalismo, composition