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Galleries 19

University Studio Work 11 Images

Works created on returning to university for an MA in Fine Art. This gallery contains my workspace and development of works.

Washi, Washi and More Washi 27 Images

A4 experimental prints on various washi paper from Japan

Mark Making with a Japanese Influence 10 Images

Japanese calligraphy is amazing, I love to watch it being created. So this album is works influenced by my time in Japan using traditional Japanese materials such as sumi ink and washi paper. Many of the smaller works are on exhibition 'Submit.Exhibit' at Marketplace Studios, Stockport, UK until the 30th June 2017.

Japan 26 Images

I have been mapping where I wander in Tokyo in the small hours of the night, and documenting with photos. I use the word ‘wander’ as I do not plan my walks, just each night a new area. Last night I was accompanied by Haruyuki Kobayashi san and a film crew from the Fuji TV morning show “Tokudane!” who are covering a story on visitors to Tokyo. I met them quite by chance whilst I was walking to Shinjuku. They were interested in what I do as an artist wandering about at night. Did I feel safe? What...

Residency Final Images, Poovar, Kerala, India 13 Images

Photographs taken of local people.

The Djinn and their Vessels 30 Images

It is said the Djinn live in the shadows and light between this world and the next..the flame with no smoke.The Vessel is fluid to the movement of the Djinn, it's surface becoming unique to the entity's ebb and flow. A symbiotic entanglement enhancing each other.

The Museum of Categorisatium. 28 Images

The Museum of Catergorisation is primarily about fun; the underlying theme is a take on the formal image that is often given to fine art. So as an artist I wanted to allow the viewer into my world, which is far from formal. As a maker I take great pleasure in creating my sculptures, the inarticulate structures that allow the viewer to see what they want to see and question what is an object of desire and is it actually tangible. I often retro relate meanings to my works, but feel to exact thi...

In Alternate Dimensions the Reality that is Tina Lane 16 Images

Who am I? Who would I be had I not taken the routes that I have? In conjunction with my work on connections and the line, like the red line of fate this work which has been ongoing for a very long time explores aspects of my personality. Who is Tina Lane? I have several works of personal discovery, was not sure why I was creating them but in keeping with my ideal of working via the inarticulate mind they happened. Many of these works had a central theme of being yonic, as well as phallic. 'The...

Following the Obsession; Making Collections. 43 Images

Part of my work is to follow through, allow the inarticulate mind to create and I just can't stop making these. Like LeWitt said to Hesse: DO

Residency in Poovar, India 9 Images

I and 2 other artists Giuseppe Buzzotta and Francesca Fontana from Italy took part in 6 week residency in the southern state of Kerala India where we shared a studio. I had decided to take the minimum of materials with me so I could source there. Our works were all quite different but bonded well, Giuseppe a painter and Francesco making an installation. My final pieces were photos. Yes quite unlike me but felt they were best suited at that time, in that space, which is like me. Not only is proce...

Prints 25 Images

The result of an intensive study of the behaviour of printing inks, with various pressures and papers. I enjoy creating movement within the prints. Please contact me for shipping costs, at best I have made guess-timates. LATEST NEWS! Selling off all prints at cost price!

Connected. 14 Images

Continuing working with my non things, I decided to work instinctively, some of the small minumentals appeared suited to the floor, some the wall, some to hang. I wanted to pull them all together yet for them to remain as things in their own right. The glue was the perfect medium, they are bound, yet it is still fragile, a balance. The removal of one will inevitably affect every other one, they are almost symbiotic yet still quite individual. A sub text perhaps of how I feel about us and our pla...

Paintings. 21 Images


Minumental Sculpture. 27 Images

Small sculptures in their own right. Not a miniature of a larger thing, or a maquette. These became as part of the process in thinking: 'what is an object of desire'. They are absolute non sense, they have no meaning other than to lead the viewer into their own imagination. My imagination as a child was wonderful place, and that is where all these are coming from, I escaped into my mind.

Photographs 47 Images

I am not a photographer, but use the camera to document. I am never without it. In this gallery it is just photos I like.

Drawings 10 Images

My photos. 1 Images