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Galleries 32

Organic Garden 14 Images

Imagine a glimpse of a garden a little less veiled then an everyday view of one It is a glimmer that seems to be made of dream stuff but is nevertheless very real. The Organic Garden moves with color, energy and the flow of life.

Out In the Cold 5 Images

Out In the Cold is a series of abstract digital images that visualize the deep chill of winter as experienced in nature.

Autumn Forest 20 Images

The images in Autumn Forest were created from digital photographs taken in the fall of 2017. I've been working with symmetry for a while now and felt like exploring the season of autumn in an abstract sort of way. Light, color and structure are combined to create imagery that alludes to an underlying symmetry in nature.

Riverflow 10 Images

This series of digital prints creates visual relationships using multiple images of flowing water in a natural environment. The inspiration came while sitting by the flowing water of a mountain river.

Neo-Geo-Garden 8 Images

In this collection of digital creations I have combined organic colors and forms within a geometric framework. The result visually entices the both logic and emotion to create a unique viewing experience.

Instant Spring 12 Images

When it seems like winter is lingering a little too long it's time for a little instant spring. This series of digital images captures to color and energy of a balmy spring day in an abstract sort of way.

Winter Crystals 16 Images

This gallery showcases a series of digital abstractions that visualizes an alpine environment crystalized by cold, yet beautiful.

October Transitions 5 Images

In this gallery I've created a series of manipulated digital photographs that visually describe the metamorphosis that occurs with the seasonal change into autumn.

Skykomish Summer 10 Images

This series of digital collages was created from photographs taken on the first day of summer near the town of Index on the North Fork of the Skykomish River in Washington State, USA.

Spring 10 Images

The season of spring is seen as an explosion of living color.

Mystic Forest 35 Images

The digital print series “Mystic Forest” was inspired by the book “The Man Who Planted Trees a Story of Lost Groves, the Science of Trees, and a Plan to Save the Planet” by Jim Robbins. In it a northern Michigan nursery man named David Milarch, who in a near death experience, was shown the image of a devastated Earth. He was tasked with cloning the champion trees of the world - the strongest, oldest trees - and reintroducing their hardier genetics into our ailing forest as a way to combat climat...

Spring Organics 20 Images

Spring Organics is a collection of prints created as digital collage images. The primary focus is the energy of rebirth that occurs in the spring season. These abstract artworks flow with vibrant color that reflects the warmth of the season.

Abstract Spring 24 Images

Abstract Spring is a collection of abstractions created as images of spring.

A Geometric Garden 24 Images

These digital prints were created from photographs of a tulips. It is the continuation of a personal investigation of geometric symmetry as applied to natural forms. The colors are derived from the blossoms. They are printed as a high resolution images on paper.

Kaleidoscope Geometry Pattern Images From Nature 77 Images

All of the geometric abstractions presented in this gallery were created from digital photographs of tulips.

The Kaleidoscopic Garden 68 Images

The Kaleidoscopic Garden is digital imagery that merges floral shapes and colors with kinetic geometric structures. The results are colorful abstract prints that activate the imagination and entice the senses.

Spring Mosiacs 15 Images

In this series of digital imagery I set out to experiment with a new approach. The concept is to create art that incorporates both organic and geometric elements. Because springtime is a mosaic of colorful forms it was chosen as the primary focus. Using a variety of digital techniques the geometry was incorporated into the compositions.

Winterland 60 Images

Winterland is both place and time. The art explores the relationships between perception and imagination. Free association techniques and random chance are combined with digital technology to produce unique and original imagery. I hope you enjoy it.

Summer Wavelength 30 Images

A visual exploration of the energy of summer expressed as a series of archival giclee prints.

Rhythms of Spring 60 Images

Immersed in a flow of sensual color the feeling is intoxicating. A visual breeze that sways reality in the dance of life.