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Vegetation Art 10 Images

A new style of art has been created by me about my garden. Let me know what you think.

Farm Workers Series and Patron Saint 11 Images

The Farm Workers’ Series I Paintings When I first started the painting project on the Farm Workers’ Series, it was though the paintings were meant to be. That might seem difficult to understand; however, there are many steps to complete the paintings, from deciding on which subject to paint, to taking photographs of a subject, transferring the image onto canvas, deciding what medium to use, and then painting the picture. I’ve painted a few paintings in my life, some which have been very...

Yuma Farm Worker Series, Drawings 18 Images

Tribute to those who work the land.

Farm Workers #3, Sculptures 8 Images

Tribute to those who work the land.

Frida Kahlo Tribute 78 Images

Matters of My Heart Diego, you’ll never know how it feels to be tenderly embraced by you, nor know the wonderment of your gentle touch as we make love. Diego, you’ll never know how it feels to be loved by you, nor feel the emptiness of my heart when you are gone. Diego, you’ll never feel the flutter in my heart when you walk into a room, nor know how your sensuous lips feel as we kiss. Diego, You’ll never know the excitement of my being, when you asked me to be...

Yuma Fruitful Valley Opening at Yuma Art Center 15 Images

From September to December 2012, I drew 14 portraitures that were displayed at the Yuma Art Center for Arizona's 100 birthday celebration. These portraitures are a tribute to the Higuera Family Ancestors. Each drawing took several days, and I spent many days researching information on each relative, such as birth dates, location of birth, and other special facts about each person. After displaying the drawings at the Yuma Art Center, I plan to display them in other locations in Yuma, AZ.

AZ Centennial - Yuma Higuera Family - 1856 to Present 17 Images

An Arizona Pioneer Family will be recognized at the Arizona's Centennial 1856 - 2012. I will be sharing my poetry, drawings that I created, and displayed the drawings at the Yuma Art Center beginning January 27, 2012. I am a fifth generation Yuman on my mother's side of the family. My Great-great Grandparents, Elisarion and Gregoria Martinez Higuera were the first generation of Higueras to settle here in Yuma, Arizona 1856. This exhibit is to express my appreciation to my ancestors. All his...

Marytza 10 Images

Slide Show In Progress - 9 slides

In My Garden Series #2 Photos Pam Original Paintings 16 Images

Signed post cards available and prints available through ImageKind. Photographs of flowers that I painted of my garden that were submitted in the Google Photography Contest on May 31, 2009. Wish me luck! Peace and love to all. Pam

The First Latina Annual Art Exhibit 2011 17 Images

The exhibit was successful and was pleased to be asked to participate in the show last night in downtown Phoenix. If you live in Phoenix, I invite you to see the wonderful paintings that were exhibited by woman throughout Arizona. Amazingly, I thought, I was the only one spending months and months on my painting; however, I learned that there are many women out their who are also working very hard creating art. 3 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Pam Drapala A "thank you" goes to those individuals and art...

In My Garden- Vermeer Style Painting- Work in progress 18 Images

What I am I trying to say in my painting, In My Garden? I am relating that I am flesh and blood, part of Gods earth, and that one day my remains will go back into the Gods earth as all nature does. As you will notice, that there is dark and there is light on the two different sides of the canvas; a battle that I fight everyday, doing my best what God wishes me to do, fighting the forces of evil. On the left, where there is darkness, there is a butterfly, that reminds me that I must remain fai...

El Dia de Los Muertos 2009, Tucson, AZ 21 Images

This holiday honors the dead. The fabulous costumes presented in this gallery were created by some of the most creative people. Enjoy the variety of dress that honor the dead. This years event will again be held in Tucson, AZ.

Vincent A. Carvajal-Tribute to my Father 21 Images

Losing a parent at 8 years old was difficult. I do not know who I'd be if my father had not passed away so early in his life; however, one must do the best they can with the situation that they were given. So, here I am, allowing you to peek into a part of my life with my father that was a short time, yet inspiring to me and others. These pictures and certificates only recently showed up after my Great-Aunt passed away. I am blessed Peace to all, Pam

Ignacio and Mary Munoz Higuera 20 Images

Ignacio and Mary Munoz Higuera and their children

Western Portraiture Series - Vermeer Style 11 Images

Greetings eveyrone. It has been a long time since I picked up a paint brush. Today, I share with you the painting strokes on my original painting, Western Portraiture Series, "Mail Order Bride" shown in my Artmajeur images. Sadly, this portrait has not been entered in any competition because it was commission by my friends Len and Connie Martin, and I wanted to ensure that it got to the owners since it was my largest commission to date. So, I am giving my painting secret away today just in c...

Chinese New Year, World Travel Adventures 10 Images

Greetings to all. This photographic gallery shows the highlights of my world travels. Enjoy! Las Vegas in January 2004 had the most perfect setting for Chinese New Years on the Strip. One would have to see it to believe it. These photos are only a glimpse of what I saw and what I will never forget.

An Arizona Christmas Tree 2010 19 Images

Merry Christmas everyone!

Artichokes 10 Images

Beautiful artichokes grown in Yuma, AZ. Delicious, nutritious, and lovely to view. Photographs taken in 2004 and 2005. I could not resist but take their photograph as it seemed they all wanted to be painted! God creates such beauties in nature.

7 Days a Week-Farm Workers Series-Yuma, AZ 1989-2010 17 Images

21 Years, farm workers graced our community from 1989 - 2010; preparing the land, planting seeds, removing the weeds, harvesting the land, and finally the produce goes to our packing plants to be cleaned, sorted, loaded onto the trucks so that it can be distributed throughout the USA. Without these hard working people, we would have fewer fruits, vegetables, grains, wheat, and so forth. This gallery, "7 Days a WeeK" is dedicated to those who work the land. (Note: All photographs taken by Pame...