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Life Force 6 Images

Fragility 2006 - 2010 17 Images

Since I enjoy exploring close-ups, insects have become one of my favourite themes. I try to convey the delicacy and fragility of these beings.

Heritage 2008 - 2009 12 Images

These paintings are devoted to medieval, especially Romanesque artworks that tell us a lot about our history and ancestors. Medival ideas, dark as they seem to be are still vivid and often influence us nowadays. I have tried to convey this connection with the past.

Quotations 2008 11 Images

Quotations was the title of my solo exhibition in 2007. These artworks mostly are quotations of medieval, anonymous artworks that inspired me while travelling in Spain, Italy and France. The ancient artists and craftsmen created the images as extremely candid, the rage, passion, kindness they convey are pure. We miss this sincerity nowadays, and I think this is what attracts me so much to these so called Dark ages.