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Galleries 4

Latest works 4 Images

Before collecting my artwork in categories, here is the place where my newest works come

The Neo-Mythological Exhibition at Neo-Gallery 3 Images

These paintings has been selected both to represent some main works from 2016 (+ one from 2017) under what is new in these artworks, and that is the Neo-Mythologial aspect - a child of neo-expressionism and neo-surrealism. And if that wasn't surreal, well have a look at the paintings (-:

From the Artist Studio, a serial 2 Images

This is some paintings I did based on my time with studioes, large canvases and acrylic. While painting with acrylic in large formats, the floor in the studio soon started to have a pollock surface. I made the wooden floor as a background for all of the paintings here, cut digitally each part of the floor and put them together before I started to paint my painting.

Drawings 1 Images

This is my gallery for drawings, most of them digital drawings today.