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100 titres! - Mixed Media ©2017 by Cricorps -  
    Abstract Art, Art Deco, Other, Women, femme
100 titres! - Mixed Media ©2017 by Cricorps - Abstract Art, Art Deco, Other, Women, femme
© Cricorps

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100 titres!

Mixed Media ~ Other

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About this artwork: média mixte média mixte

Related themes: Mixed Media, Abstract Art, Art Deco, Other, Women, femme
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© by Cricorps
massacre et extermination des chrétiens en Turquie - Mixed Media ©2017 by Cricorps - Expressionism, Other, History, Places, Religion, massacre, génocide, arméniens, chrétiens, turcs
©1992 by Cricorps
chat en multi-positions - Drawing ©1992 by Cricorps - Outsider Art, Paper, Animals, Cats, chat, positions
60x80 cm © by Cricorps
Joueuse de Saz - Painting, 60x80 cm ©2017 by Cricorps - Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Canvas, Performing Arts, World Culture, Music, Spirituality, Saz, arménien, Ararat, montagne, musique
©1977 by Cricorps
auto-portrait 1977 - Drawing ©1977 by Cricorps - Figurative Art, Paper, Portraits, auto-portrait
115x75 cm © by Cricorps
Justice - Painting, 115x75 cm ©2017 by Cricorps - Contemporary painting, Surrealism, Symbolism, Trompe-l'œil, Figurative Art, Canvas, Body, Fantasy, Heroic-Fantasy, justice
61x97x2 cm ©1995 by Cricorps
Limoux la place de la République - Painting, 61x97x2 cm ©1995 by Cricorps - Art Deco, Environmental Art, Figurative Art, Expressionism, Wood, Architecture, Places, Cityscape, Vénus sortant des eaux, Limoux, Place de la République, Aude
©1991 by Cricorps
kéo au tutu 1991 - Painting ©1991 by Cricorps - Outsider Art, Expressionism, Wood, Women, Nude, nu, tutu, Kéo
80x60 cm © by Cricorps
Gayané et Manouk le chat - Painting, 80x60 cm ©2017 by Cricorps - Figurative Art, Outsider Art, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Canvas, Animals, Love / Romance, Cats, Women, Femme, Chat
©2007 by Cricorps
Potière - Painting ©2007 by Cricorps - Impressionism, Canvas, World Culture, Women, Potière, Inde

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