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Silvia Benfenati

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Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media ... 80 Followers Member since 2009

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50x30x3 cm © by Dani Ci
Secret Garden - Sculpture, 50x30x3 cm ©2017 by Dani Ci - Abstract Art, Ceramic, Wood, Abstract Art, scultura ceramica, scultura astratta, scultura ceramica contemporanea, scultura contemporanea, scultura da parete, scultura astratta da parete
20x35x11 cm ©1994 by Luciano Morosi
toro in ceramica - Sculpture, 20x35x11 cm ©1994 by Luciano Morosi - Ceramic, Morosi Luciano, Morosi Luciano cavalli, Morosi Luciano Toro, Morosi Luciano china caffè, Morosi Luciano Brasile, Morosi Luciano Dipinto, Morosi Luciano Quadri, Luciano Morosi San Paolo, morosi Luciano 1930, Luciano Morosi Scultura
© by Olive
Les baigneurs n°2 (Cadiz).jpg - Photography ©2017 by Olive - Paper, père et fils, padre y hijo, father and son, sea, mer, mar, seascape, paysage marin, paisaje maritimo, holidays, vacances, vacaciones, coulours, couleurs, colores, mouvement, movment, movimiento, impressionisme, imprissionism, impressionismo