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Neue Sammlung 3 Images

61x104 cm ©2018 by Klaudia
DESPEDIDA EN GRIS - Painting, 61x104 cm ©2018 by Klaudia - Minimalism, Wood, Still life
© by Klaudia
AMEDEO and ME I - Painting ©2018 by Klaudia - Expressionism, Cotton, Portraits
58x58 cm ©2018 by Klaudia
DER BLAUE HUT - Painting, 58x58 cm ©2018 by Klaudia - Expressionism, Wood, Kids

Meine Lieblings-Kunstwerke 248 Images ~ Comments 1

28x35x1.5 cm ©2017 by Dace Lapina
Woman in garden. - Painting, 28x35x1.5 cm ©2017 by Dace Lapina - Contemporary painting, Figurative Art, Realism, Modernism, Impressionism, Canvas, Women, Body, Light, People, Colors, Health & Beauty, Woman in garden, , , figurative painting, woman, girl, impression, light
20x25x0.1 cm ©2015 by Dace Lapina
Still life with Glass of Cognacs and Peaches. - Painting, 20x25x0.1 cm ©2015 by Dace Lapina - Figurative Art, Realism, Contemporary painting, Modernism, Canvas, Still life, Food & Drink, still life, oil painting, cognacs, glass, peaches
15x15x2 cm ©2017 by BJC
Régate III - Painting, 15x15x2 cm ©2017 by BJC - Abstract Art, Canvas, Ships, peinture, acrylique, art abstrait, bleu, bleue, navire, voiles, voiliers, régate, régates, mer, océan, bretagne