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Meine Lieblings-Kunstwerke 230 Images ~ Comments 1

80x60 cm ©2017 by Armin Evers
La Belle.jpg - Painting, 80x60 cm ©2017 by Armin Evers - Photorealism, Canvas, Performing Arts, La Belle, Armin Evers
83x43x43 cm ©2012 by Robert van den Herik
Connected. - Design, 83x43x43 cm ©2012 by Robert van den Herik - Conceptual Art, Modernism, Abstract Art, Wood, Metal, Abstract Art, Architecture, Celebrity, Culture, Interiors, Colors, Love / Romance, Geometric, Places, Still life, Technology, Black and White, Fantasy, connected, art, versus, design, unusual, combination, wood, and, metal, recycle, designed, unique
Nu a la fenetre - Painting ©2017 by GARBEL - Figurative Art, Paper, Nude