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Do you love fine art? Artists of today can show a naked woman in their work by referring to the great figurative tradition of the past or by expressing themselves in their own unique[...]

Do you love fine art?

Artists of today can show a naked woman in their work by referring to the great figurative tradition of the past or by expressing themselves in their own unique ways. In either case, the purpose of such an investigation, with the woman as its subject, is to find the likeness of that which, according to the artist, could express the purest idea of femininity, able to animate, intrigue, attract, and move their imagination. In this context, you can't ignore the work of Tom Wesselmann, Marina Abramovi, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Fernando Botero, who have sometimes shown the naked female body.

Tom Wesselmann started painting naked women around 1959. He didn't like the popular style of abstract expressionism and instead chose to show himself through bold portraits. The latter were perfect for the sexual revolution of the 1960s, and they often lie in suggestive and sensual poses that sometimes have a hint of irony. Many of his figures are based on the artist's wife, Claire Selley. He gives them strong tan lines to draw attention to the breasts and pubis, which are the most important parts of the body. From his first series of nudes, called "Great American Nude" (1961–1973), to his most recent, "Sunset Nudes" (2003–2004), Wesselmann has tried out new artistic techniques and compositions. In these works, unusual close-ups of the body stand out, and the goal is to find new ways to tease viewers with the female form. To sum up, we can use the artist's own words to better understand her work: "I do not show naked people for any sociological, cultural, or emotional reason." "I think that being naked is a good way to be aggressive in a metaphorical sense. I want to make people feel intense and explosive emotions."

The naked is an eternal subject in the history of art, just like still lifes, landscapes, and portraits. Artists will always have to deal with it, "competing" with the greatest masters of all time. In this situation, the naked female turns out to be a very interesting subject. In ancient times, men were more often shown naked than women, but we know that starting with the Renaissance, women "imposed themselves" in this kind of art. So, the above account doesn't seem to be complete, since it could be added to over and over again by new, unique, and probably scandalous points of view.

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Painting titled "In the Garden of Ed…" by Roman Rembovsky, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
In the Garden of Eden - Painting, 47.2x55.1 in ©2022 by Roman Rembovsky - Figurative, figurative-594, Erotic, woman, figurative, realism, composicio, trompe l'oeil
"In the Garden of Eden"

Oil on Canvas | 47.2x55.1 in

Painting titled ""Mirage"" by Guillaume Brun, Original Artwork, Oil
"Mirage" - Painting, 36.2x25.6 in ©2021 by Guillaume Brun - Classicism, classicism-933, Women, portrait, femme, woman, femme portrait, woman portrait, oil, oil portrait, oil painting, classical portrait, figurative, figurative portrait, nu, nue, portrait nue, female portrait, female nude, female nude portrait, female painting, classical nude

Oil on Linen Canvas | 36.2x25.6 in

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Painting titled "Daydream." by Shulman, Original Artwork, Oil
Daydream. - Painting, 35.4x35.4 in ©2021 by Shulman - Figurative, figurative-594, Fantasy, igor shulman, oil painting, contemporary, figurative, nude, naked lady, erotic, provocative

Oil on Canvas | 35.4x35.4 in

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Painting titled "Vénus et Amour" by Sylvia Mota, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Vénus et Amour - Painting, 28.7x36.2 in ©2019 by Sylvia Mota -
"Vénus et Amour"

Oil on Canvas | 28.7x36.2 in

Painting titled "Vénus d'Urbino" by Laude, Original Artwork, Oil
Vénus d'Urbino - Painting, 31.9x39.4 in ©2018 by Laude - Figurative, figurative-594, nu, corps, femme, vénus, expressionnisme, figuratif
"Vénus d'Urbino"

Oil on Canvas | 31.9x39.4 in

Painting titled "Обнажённая модель 2" by Юрий Викторович Гусев, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Обнажённая модель 2 - Painting, 38.8x29.1 in ©1951 by Юрий Викторович Гусев - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude, девушка, обнажённая, ню, женщина, позирование, постановка, тело, реализм, импрессионизм, лучший художник, большая картина, портрет, фигура, красивая девушка, отражение, лучшая живопись, гусев, Artel, Gusev, лицо
"Обнажённая модель 2"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 38.8x29.1 in

On Request
Painting titled "" Madame GROGORILLE…" by Grégory Dreyfus, Original Artwork, Digital Painting Mounted on Aluminium
" Madame GROGORILLE N°3B.1 " - SÉRIE MME GROGORILLE - Painting, 33.1x26 in ©2022 by Grégory Dreyfus - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Nude, Male Gaze, female gaze, nu politique, Political nude, mustard Background's color, Madame GROGORILLA's series, Shapes&Volume’s, honored like a sculpture, mathematical equation of life, about beauty, Nft, Enlighted, surrealism, insect, female forms

Digital Painting on Paper | 33.1x26 in

Painting titled "Partitura n° 6 (Tri…" by Paolo Damiani, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Partitura n° 6 (Tribute to P. Subleyras) - Painting, 47.2x39.4 in ©2022 by Paolo Damiani - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude, nudo, donna, uomo, carboncino, olio, schiena
"Partitura n° 6 (Tribute to P. Subleyras)"

Oil on Canvas | 47.2x39.4 in

Painting titled "odalisk" by Frob, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
odalisk - Painting, 23.6x31.5 in ©2022 by Frob - Oriental Art, oriental-art-940, Feminine, nu, femme, odalisque, ingres, rideaux, tissu, soie, sourire, éventail, oriental, sultan, orientalisme, tissus, or, nude, love, turquie, turkey, istambul

Acrylic on Canvas | 23.6x31.5 in

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Painting titled "No bra" by Sveta Step, Original Artwork, Acrylic
No bra - Painting, 31.5x23.6 in ©2021 by Sveta Step - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Nude, acrylic, painting, nude, woman, body
"No bra"

Acrylic on Canvas | 31.5x23.6 in

Not For Sale
Painting titled "ANIMA FRAGILE" by Chiara Napolitano, Original Artwork, Acrylic
ANIMA FRAGILE - Painting, 23.6x17.7 in ©2022 by Chiara Napolitano - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude, Nudo, Vintage, Acrilico, Pittura, Collage, Arte moderna, Arte contemporanea, Donna

Acrylic on Wood | 23.6x17.7 in

Painting titled "Nu d'or bleu" by Amirault, Original Artwork, Oil
Nu d'or bleu - Painting, 31.9x25.6 in ©2022 by Amirault - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Nude, Nu, dessin, jaune, feminin, peinture, matières, huile, fusain, toile
"Nu d'or bleu"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 31.9x25.6 in

Painting titled "I'm not dead!" by Christophe Lambert, Original Artwork, Acrylic
I'm not dead! - Painting, 27.6x27.6 in ©2015 by Christophe Lambert - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Nude, nu, femme, orange, bleu, couchée, dormir, morte
"I'm not dead!"

Acrylic on Canvas | 27.6x27.6 in

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Painting titled "IL VOLO" by Costantino Di Renzo, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Other rigid panel
IL VOLO - Painting, 19.7x26 in ©2021 by Costantino Di Renzo - Figurative, figurative-594

Oil on Canvas | 19.7x26 in

Painting titled "Love on Distance" by Sviatlana Petushkova, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Love on Distance - Painting, 31.5x31.5 in ©2021 by Sviatlana Petushkova - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Love, beauty, selfie, girl, woman, nude, sexy, gift, erotic, summer, happy, secret, pink, skin, boobs, tits, feminism
"Love on Distance"

Acrylic on Canvas | 31.5x31.5 in

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Painting titled "Positivity project" by Wilhem Von Kalisz, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Positivity project - Painting, 47.2x39.4 in ©2021 by Wilhem Von Kalisz - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Nude, woman, nudity, bouguereau, streetart, popart, museum, genderstudies, glamour, academic, fineart
"Positivity project"

Acrylic on Canvas | 47.2x39.4 in

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Painting titled ""Bigfile" Venus" by Aurore Levasseur, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
"Bigfile" Venus - Painting, 55.1x78.7 in ©2017 by Aurore Levasseur - Figurative, figurative-594, corps, nu feminin, bodypositivism, manet, relecture, titien, chair, venus, chat noir
""Bigfile" Venus"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 55.1x78.7 in

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Painting titled ""Женщина с веточкой…" by Alexander Ganshin, Original Artwork, Oil
"Женщина с веточкой мимозы" - Painting, 35.4x23.6 in ©2020 by Alexander Ganshin - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude, painting, realistic painting, russian painting, oil painting, female, naked woman, nude, modern painting, staged painting
""Женщина с веточкой мимозы""

Oil on MDF Board | 35.4x23.6 in

On Request
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Painting titled "A un Metro del Suelo" by Ale Feijó, Original Artwork, Acrylic
A un Metro del Suelo - Painting, 47.2x47.2 in ©2020 by Ale Feijó - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine
"A un Metro del Suelo"

Acrylic on Canvas | 47.2x47.2 in

Painting titled "Mujer del Cafetal IV" by Carlos Duque, Original Artwork, Oil
Mujer del Cafetal IV - Painting, 47.2x29.5 in ©2022 by Carlos Duque - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine, colombia, cubismo, cafetal, desnudo, café, restaurant, mujer, figurativo, realismo, amanecer, campo, plantacion
"Mujer del Cafetal IV"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 47.2x29.5 in

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Painting titled "NU" by Aleksandr Ilichev, Original Artwork, Acrylic
NU - Painting, 39.4x35.4 in ©2019 by Aleksandr Ilichev - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine

Acrylic on Canvas | 39.4x35.4 in

Painting titled "Sitting" by Oleg Sergeev, Original Artwork, Pastel
Sitting - Painting, 27.6x19.7 in ©2022 by Oleg Sergeev - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine

Pastel on Paper | 27.6x19.7 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Hide" by Emilija Šileikaitė, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Hide - Painting, 27.6x39.4 in ©2022 by Emilija Šileikaitė - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Erotic, erotic, feminine, woman, nude, man, sex, mask, dark, colours, art, painting, drawing, landscape, surreal

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 27.6x39.4 in

Painting titled "Антология реликтов 2" by Валерий Семенихин, Original Artwork, Oil
Антология реликтов 2 - Painting, 11.4x8.3 in ©2022 by Валерий Семенихин - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Nude
"Антология реликтов 2"

Oil on Wood | 11.4x8.3 in

Not For Sale
Painting titled "CLEO" by Renato Ferrari, Original Artwork, Oil
CLEO - Painting, 19.7x23.6 in ©2018 by Renato Ferrari - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine, oil painting, figure painting, contemporary realism

Oil on Canvas | 19.7x23.6 in

Painting titled "3 graces" by Pier Bertig, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
3 graces - Painting, 39.4x39.4 in ©2022 by Pier Bertig - Abstract, abstract-570, Nude, 3grazie, nudo, woman, oil on canvas, oil painting, mitology
"3 graces"

Oil on Canvas | 39.4x39.4 in

Painting titled "Vénus aux oranges" by Gilles Chambon, Original Artwork, Oil
Vénus aux oranges - Painting, 17.7x31.5 in ©2015 by Gilles Chambon - Scauflaire, Vénus, peinture synchronistique
"Vénus aux oranges"

Oil on Canvas | 17.7x31.5 in

Painting titled "Vénus" by Henrique Xavier, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Vénus - Painting, 47.2x31.5 in ©2003 by Henrique Xavier -

Acrylic on Canvas | 47.2x31.5 in

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Painting titled "Female Nude On Blue." by Liam Ryan, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Female Nude On Blue. - Painting, 40x32 in ©2022 by Liam Ryan - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine, Female, Nude, Acrylic, Painting, Figurative
"Female Nude On Blue."

Acrylic on Canvas | 40x32 in

Painting titled "STEPHANEE la REBELL…" by Claude Duvauchelle, Original Artwork, Acrylic
STEPHANEE la REBELLE ALIENEE- Etat II- 116x89cm - Painting, 45.7x35 in ©2013 by Claude Duvauchelle - Human body, Acrylique on canvas, Acrylique sur toile, Nu feminin, Grand format, Clair-obscur

Acrylic on Canvas | 45.7x35 in

Painting titled "Poison" by Arina Apostolova, Original Artwork, Oil
Poison - Painting, 35.4x23.6 in ©2022 by Arina Apostolova - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Feminine, nude, woman, snake, dark, black, back, face, asian, chinese

Oil on MDF Board | 35.4x23.6 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Dame à la fourrure" by Amélie Bourbon, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Dame à la fourrure - Painting, 45.7x35 in ©2022 by Amélie Bourbon - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine, Nu;, Féminin;, sensuel;, ombre;, lumière;
"Dame à la fourrure"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 45.7x35 in

Painting titled "Красная Шляпа" by Katya Lukianova, Original Artwork, Oil
Красная Шляпа - Painting, 35.4x23.6 in ©2018 by Katya Lukianova - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Feminine, Примитивизм, Импрессионизм, Натура, Женщина, Обнаженное тело, Красный
"Красная Шляпа"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 35.4x23.6 in

Painting titled "White silence" by Tsanko Tsankov - Gallery Maestro, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
White silence - Painting, 31.5x43.3 in ©2020 by Tsanko Tsankov - Gallery Maestro - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Feminine, nude, oil, hyperrealism, black and white
"White silence"

Oil on Canvas | 31.5x43.3 in

Painting titled "all is well" by Sergey Makhov, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
all is well - Painting, 19.7x11.8 in ©2020 by Sergey Makhov - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Nude, woman, red, young woman, humor
"all is well"

Oil on Canvas | 19.7x11.8 in

Painting titled "Dragon's kiss" by Yaroslav Kurbanov, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Dragon's kiss - Painting, 39.4x31.5 in ©2002 by Yaroslav Kurbanov - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Feminine, erotik, kiss, blue, mirror, mystery, tattoo, reflection, raincoat
"Dragon's kiss"

Oil on Canvas | 39.4x31.5 in

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