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20x20 cm © by Lucie Rydlova
Galaxy IV - Painting, 20x20 cm ©2017 by Lucie Rydlova - Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism, Canvas, Abstract Art, Outer Space, art, paradisiaque, ailes, abstrait, abstract, galaxy, galaxie, doux
© by Jeannette ALLARY
BLEU VITRAIL - Digital Arts ©2016 by Jeannette ALLARY - Environmental Art, Abstract Art, Conceptual Art, Art Deco, Paper, Abstract Art, Colors, World Culture, Light, art déco, abstrait couleurs lumière Jeannette Allary
© by Jeannette ALLARY
CACHEMIRE - Digital Arts ©2016 by Jeannette ALLARY - Abstract Art, Art Deco, Documentary, Paper, Abstract Art, Performing Arts, World Culture, Light, Fashion, abstrait, déco, cultures du monde mode tissu, bleu, couleurs