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jean-michel LIEWIG

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Photography, Painting, Drawing ... 267 Followers Member since 2010

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le meilleur d'art majeur 1 247 Images

60x80x2 cm ©2002 by Anna Lang
Freiheit - Painting, 60x80x2 cm ©2002 by Anna Lang - Impressionism, Canvas, Aerial, Nature, Birds
150x90x4.5 cm ©2018 by Inge Coolen
Hazy Shade of Autumn - Painting, 150x90x4.5 cm ©2018 by Inge Coolen - Figurative Art, Canvas, Women
80x80x4 cm ©2018 by Inge Coolen
‘Mysterious Blue’ - Painting, 80x80x4 cm ©2018 by Inge Coolen - Figurative Art, Canvas, Portraits

inoubliable 237 Images

40x40x2 cm ©2018 by ALVARO
NU Etude - Painting, 40x40x2 cm ©2018 by ALVARO - Outsider Art
© by Janie B.
L'évantail des couleurs/studio-20170924-110759.jpg - Digital Arts ©2017 by Janie B. - Paper, Tree, Abstract Art, Botanic, Colors, Nature, Still life, arbre, botanique, couleurs
© by Janie B.
Coucher de soleil automnal/2 -20181210-183631.jpg - Photography ©2018 by Janie B. - Performing Arts, Colors, Light, Nature, Landscape, Seasons, coucher soleil, nuages, automne

Mes coups de coeurs 250 Images

© by Bella Bourgeois
The Flavor of New Orleans ~ - Photography ©2018 by Bella Bourgeois -
61x76x2 cm ©2016 by Gaya
Flame Game - Painting, 61x76x2 cm ©2016 by Gaya - Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism, Canvas, Abstract Art, Colors, Fantasy, red, abstract, expressionism, fantasy, love, seduction, flame, fire, passion
20x30x0.75 in © by Gaya
Red Rivers of Love - Painting, 20x30x0.75 in ©2016 by Gaya - Abstract Art, Canvas, Abstract Art, Fantasy, Love / Romance, red, black, love, fantasy, river, abstract