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Brigitte Kölli

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Meine Lieblings-Kunstwerke 151 Images

50x60x2 cm ©2018 by Vladimir
Storm at sea - Painting, 50x60x2 cm ©2018 by Vladimir - Realism, Canvas, Sailboat, Seascape, oil painting, seascape, picture, sea
40x25x0.4 cm ©2018 by Vladimir
Rain in the old city - Painting, 40x25x0.4 cm ©2018 by Vladimir - Contemporary painting, Paper, Cityscape, painting, urban landscape, rain
80x80x2 cm ©2018 by Marianna Ochyra
Peace pipe - Painting, 80x80x2 cm ©2018 by Marianna Ochyra - Symbolism, Abstract Art, Canvas, Abstract Art, Culture, Men, World Culture, Dark-Fantasy, energy, intuitive painting, peace, Injun, ethno, visionary art, Картины силы, Картины для интерьера, Картины на заказ, Новосибирск