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Cristina Vidal

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Painting, Drawing 145 Followers Member since 2006
Luján, Argentina

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25x15 cm ©2017 by countess
ice-women-grazyna-hajewski-germany-2017-drawing-ink-pen-watercolor-paper-15x25cm-no-115017.jpg - Drawing, 25x15 cm ©2017 by countess - Abstract Expressionism, Paper, Sports, Women, Education, World Culture, sport, women, ice, win
©2018 by Vincent Faus
MirrorSpirit - Digital Arts ©2018 by Vincent Faus - Figurative Art, Body, visage
42x29x0.1 cm ©2018 by Jiri Havlik
The Bull - Drawing, 42x29x0.1 cm ©2018 by Jiri Havlik - Contemporary painting, Paper, Animals, bull, gold, imitation, ink, drawing, handpaper, havlik, animal

Mis obras favoritas 249 Images

150x130 cm ©2018 by Maxim Lipzer
0505 - Painting, 150x130 cm ©2018 by Maxim Lipzer - Abstract Art, Canvas, Abstract Art, Maxim, lipzer, sudamerica, latino, argentina
90x90x3 cm ©2016 by Sarvar
p1040949.jpg - Painting, 90x90x3 cm ©2016 by Sarvar - Contemporary painting, Canvas, Fantasy
81x65 cm ©2018 by Laude
Violence - Painting, 81x65 cm ©2018 by Laude - Figurative Art, Expressionism, Canvas, Body, Nude, nu, corps, expressionnisme, figuratif