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© by Dodi Ballada
passage - Photography ©2018 by Dodi Ballada - Land Art, Landscape, landscape, photo montage, photo manipulation, photography, color photography, digital painting, digital arts, Dodi Ballada
20x24x2 in ©2017 by B.Rossitto
Field of Poppies - Painting, 20x24x2 in ©2017 by B.Rossitto - Contemporary painting, Impressionism, Expressionism, Canvas, Flower, Landscape, Nature, poppies, papavar, red flowers, poppypainting, women-artists, adirondacks, outdoorpainter, contemporary, redflowerpainting, landscapepainting, fineart
65x54 cm ©2002 by Anna Grazi
Corte - Painting, 65x54 cm ©2002 by Anna Grazi - Figurative Art, Canvas, Cityscape, Colors, Places, Light, Home, Landscape, Cities, Corti.Corse.Figuratif.Grazi