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James Steagle
Nationality: us United States

8 artworks   Artistic domains : Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting


Fear and Loathing on the Art Show Circuit

Fear and Loathing on the ASC

.......Hunter S Thompson once said,
" I hate to advocate sex, drugs, alcohol,
violence or insanity to anyone, but it's always
worked for me."...................

These are the mainstays of life on the Art
Show Circuit, from here on known simply as
ASC. Except for reading countless blogs and
pages that are usually written by women of a
certain age who gush on endlessly on how they found just the right frames for the pressed flowers they are selling. How wonderful everyone at the shows was, and all the wonderful new BFF's they made. Not to mention that they sold out of almost everything.
More to the point that besides picking up a tip
here and there on who makes a reasonably
priced tent and where you can buy cheap
matting, they're all in it to sell Crafts, semi-fine
art and not
Fine Art...........

What they tend to leave out is that their
husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends ( alcohol,
violence and insanity should be inserted right
about here,)
that work tirelessly and exhaustively to drive,
build, construct, assemble, change, rebuild,
transport, carry, set up, lug, play fetch and
then repeat the process in the reverse order.
And yes, I would be remiss if I didn't mention
some that do it on their own............
If you want to get in shape or have a heart
attack, then the ASC is for you............

They seem to smell the first timer, either that
or putting up your tent up backward sends out
clear signal this one has never done this
either that
or he's in the grips of a full-blown Ether high.
This is where the drugs come in.............

"It's never a good idea to interrupt someone
who is in the grips of a full-blown Ether

In case it slipped my mind, I still haven't sold any of the originals, but I have sold prints....
There are two schools of thought on the sale of prints. One is that if you offer someone a
cheaper alternative to the original that you will never sell the original and two, that selling prints lessen the original by offering cheap copies. I myself choose option three, this is
where I thank them for their purchase and ask
them, " would you like a bag to carry your
purchase in."...................

You definitely aren't going to get rich selling
prints but they will certainly help you dig out
from the massive cash outlay, the fuel costs,
maintenance, and miscellaneous expenditures
that one is sure to encounter.............

This is what I've found so far. The ASC is a
good place to meet people and perhaps make
friends, though I wouldn't count on the
sincerity of some of those friends. Remember,
any money they don't spend in your booth is
money, they may spend in mine seems to be
the general mindset. Though I must admit I'm
cynical to the point where to avoid listening to
one more chorus of "My God, you are so
talented", I'm thinking of making a sign for
myself which I would hang around my neck, it
would simply read "I'm Deaf"........... Ah,
what the hell, they would probably just start
doing bad pantomime.!!!

Until next year! .......................As for the are on your own


.....IMPORTANT UPDATE .....9/12/2017.....

It appears that my long arduous hours of working, planning, painting, building, and driving, have finally paid off. I am here to announce that I have sold an original framed drawing of "The Progressive Farmer". (see

I did a show last weekend, somewhere off in
White Bread America. It was one of those shows where almost as soon as you got there you asked yourself, Why? To make this short,
the show sucked, two days and all I sold were three prints. This year has been a very good year for selling prints (read my paragraph entitled Prints) but this show was brutal........

Picture this if you will, it's quarter to five on an otherwise beautiful Fall afternoon. I have
dollars to show for this trip, I'm pissed off,
angry, and needless to say, tired. Now, there
are only 14 minutes between me being here
them looking where I was. Just so you understand, you can't begin to pack up at any show before 5:00 PM... Time, as it always
begins to slow. That's when I look between
display panels and I see a woman standing in
booth...... OK, are you ready, this is how it

Her,"Hello, is this your work? Yes, it is.", me
response... I suddenly
realize that this woman is intently staring at
painting in particular. "This piece is fabulous,
may I ask how much it is?" Ten minutes to go.
"That's $XXXX. "Really. Do you take credit
cards?" This is where having copious amounts
of Any recreation, drugs would have really paid
dividends, but, alas, and for the second time in
my life I'm left speechless......

My faith in the Fates is restored, as I count
myself amongst the number of artists that can
say without equivocation that,"I have sold a
and a very cynical artist rises from his

Life is good.....Until next year when I hope to head West or perhaps South because I have to tell you, the Art Shows in New England suck balls. Though, I imagine that I'll find the same
crowds where ever I go, stuffing their gob with
Kettle Corn and big gulp lemonades. The only true difference will be the Lynard Skynard t-
shirts, the John Deer hats, along with anything from a Mid-Wester accent to a slow Southern
Drawl. See, I'm not cynical, I'm more pragmatic, realistic to be precise. Now, where ever did I leave that can of Ether?


I think I might have forgotten to mention this
little fact .....Have you ever been stuck in a car
on a rainy day with a wet dog that had been
rolling around in something you can't quite
figure out? Well, that's what it's like loading
up your artwork, tent, and all other
implements of destruction needed for your
booth when suddenly, the sky starts to open
I was recently reminded of this small but
crucial element this past weekend.....One thing
you learn in this age of computers is that you
can look up almost anything, and weather in
any given area is no different. But here's the
rub, you can check several different weather
sites, check radar, and even go old school and
list to your favorite meteorologist tell you with
a smiling face that it's going to be "Sunny and
clear with light winds and an outside chance of
a few sprinkles". I've come to the conclusion
that they all LIE, What they should say or
show on their weather sites is "We have no
idea what's coming but just to be safe, you'd
better get busy finishing up that ark". This
past weekend was no exception.....How is it
possible to go an entire week checking the
weather, seeing nothing but smiling emojis
looking back at you, next to the predicted
temperature until Thursday morning only to
get hurricane warnings and hear "Cloudy with
occasional tornados tomorrow, this weekends
weather word: Soggy." This weekend was no
exception....Needless to say, everything
survived but it really, truly sucked. Barely
made enough money to pay the booth fees but
hey, at least I'm not in the hole, right?
Because if I was, I'd be up to my eyeballs in