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Apr 23, 2018

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Category: Silver Award 2018

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In our modern society, we all want to be heard and gone, works of art are our view, at the moment of history and what is happening. His moment and transience of the moment. I write my paintings in the genre of realism and genre painting, I devoted my whole life to art and learning children art. I'm glad to see other people's works in which I see myself or what I could learn, thanks to the huge service of ArtMajeur for this opportunity. Because they see me and I'm heard.

19.7x27.6x1 in ©2018 by Constantine
The night sea of ​​tired fishermen - Painting, 19.7x27.6x1 in ©2018 by Constantine - Abstract, abstract-570, Asia, Architecture, Seasons, Time, Mountainscape, Масло, Абстрактное искусство, Изобразительное искусство, Народное творчество, Объёмное изображение, Реализм, Сюрреализм, Фотореализм, Холст, Азия, Архитектура, Времена года, Время, Горный пейзаж, Духовность, Животные, История, Кино, Классическая мифология, Культура
25.6x31.5x1 in ©2017 by Constantine
Early autumn by the river - Painting, 25.6x31.5x1 in ©2017 by Constantine - Figurative, figurative-594, Tree, Spirituality, Health & Beauty, Nature, Colors, Картина, Масло, Реализм, Холст, Пейзаж, Природа, Зелень, Деревья, Вода, Тихо, Гладь воды, Nature, Тишина, Тёплый день, Лето, Красота, Художник, Искусство, Доступная цена, масло
37x31.9x1 in ©2017 by Constantine
Moses (Моисей) - Painting, 37x31.9x1 in ©2017 by Constantine - Classicism, classicism-933, Angels, Time, Heroic-Fantasy, Spirituality, Celebrity, Картина, Масло, Реализм, Холст, Ангелы, Духовность, Знаменитость, История, Культура, Люди, Мировая культура, Религия, Свет, Цвета, Иисус, Jesus, Христос, Christ, Bible, art

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