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Budapest, Hungary

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In my life I have always been fascinated by forms and colours, but in the past I was not aware of the harmony in the background.

From 1989 my activities were focused on the fashion industry, this was followed by interior design. After fifteen years, I desired something new, unknown, so not only did I give up my enterprise, I left everything behind myself.

This was the beginning of a rough path, as I was on a mission of spiritual development and search for reality. After a long time, I realized that the difficult and never ending pathing of self-exploration with many changes. So I gave up searching and stopped. To my great surprise, it was at this point that everything I had been searching for up to that time revealed itself to me.

In the harmony that connects colours and forms I recognized myself, and by now it has become clear to me that I only need to let reality manifest itself through me.

I have been painting since then.

In my life I have always strived for perfection, not realizing that manifestation true to the given moment and to the person cannot be anything else than perfect.

Livien Rózen

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2021 CANVAS ART FAIR London 2021 London, United Kingdom

2020 Swiss art expo Zürich, Switzerland

2019 Artbasel artweeks Miami Miami, Florida, United States

2019 Swiss art expo Zürich, Switzerland

2018 All Women Art Exhibition, Palm Spring, California, United States