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"Toute oeuvre d'art est enfant de son temps et, bien sur, la mere de nos sentiments" Wassily Kandinsky

Presentation & Biography

I am Arina Tcherem (that's my artist name) - a self-taught painter.

Long years of dedication to photography led me to oil painting which became my great passion. As a free artist (painting is not my main activity), I paint above all that I love.

For a long time I exploited the theme of the landscape and the seascapes. I love nature in all its forms and all that can be found in it, a sunset that fills the sky or a wave of transparent ocean, or a small flower, all this finds its place on my canvases.

In recent years I have been oriented towards figurative art, naive art.

I realize original works that have been presented in the context of individual and collective exhibitions in various salons, town halls, in private hotels.

Some of my paintings are sold and shipped to the United States, Germany, Belgium, Israel and Russia.

Born in Russia, arrived in France in 1993, I live in Orleans, France.

I learn, I experiment, I try different techniques, different styles, always trying to improve myself.


Igor Sakharov, Jean Jansem, justyna kopania, Graham Gercken, Edvard Hoper