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Saumya Agrawal was born in India and has been painting for as long as she can recall. By education she is a lawyer. It is probably this that gives her art works also an interactive aura. It appears as if she is trying to think through the colours and to apply reason through the shades. She has also done a diploma in fine arts from University of New South Wales along with a master’s degree in environmental studies.

In past she has had many exhibits in India, UK, Australia,and Denmark.
She also had may expos in past years in many renowned galleys in India including British Council Art Gallery.

Saumya is a versatile artist with a very good sense of colours and drawing skills.She was very much impressed by the regional styles of art in India specially by Rajput style of painting. She specifically is a follower of the two schools of art that belong to this style namely Pahari school and Kangra school.

She loves to draw and paint nature and its beautiful intricacies. She believes that nature is always at dialogue with it self. It conveys its feeling very vividly by means of season landscape and weather. her favourite style of painting is impressionist style.

mostly her artworks are an effort to present her perception of nature and it aspects.