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Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio

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Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media ... 80 Followers Member since 2010
United States
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2018 21 artworks

I am currently a MFA in visual art candidate at the New Hampshire Institute of Arts in Manchester, New Hamsphire. These are my 2018 works which I am putting on display, to share my vision. Although the original works are not for sale at the present, prints are always available through this website.

Drawn To You 10 artworks

This series of 10 abstract wax pastel drawings titled "Drawn to You" is an exploration of feelings, space color, and rhythm.

Mixed Media Collages 13 artworks

In this gallery, all the art presented is made from fragments of discarded pieces to recreate a new image. The making of this art involves tearing apart old images, cutting, pasting, drawing or painting over fragments with ink pen, watercolor, oil pastel and/or china ink. The resulting images revolve around the same themes: questioning the role or representation of women in traditional religions, mostly Catholicism (The Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalen), evoking mythic creatures (Sirens) and reflectin...

2012-2015 collages, ink drawings and oil/wax pastel 60 artworks

This gallery presents a selection of works consisting of collages sometimes including a short poem or text, as well as silver ink drawings, and oil or water soluble wax pastel chalk.

Silver ink pen on black paper 10 artworks

In this gallery, I explore the significance of world myths through whimsical feminist lens, as I do with other media. The deliberate omission of color, and the use of a fine point ink pen allow me to work on my usual themes in detail, and at a slow pace. The results are intricate and intense little drawings.

Drawings 10 artworks

These are a series of artist ink pen made in 2010.

Oil pastel drawings 13 artworks

in my series of colorful drawings, I offer a whimsical, feminist interpretation of world mythologies.

Drawings 2016 16 artworks