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Annelies Adriaensen

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Molitg-les-bains, France


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Molitg-les-bains, France

Member since Aug 21, 2017
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Art is a way of life


Annelies Adriaensen was born in Belgium and since 2005 lives and works in the south of France. She has found the workshop of her dreams in the eastern pyrenees in the village of Molitg-les-bains. It’s a large bright workshop with wonderful view over the mountains. Since she was 8 years old she has been drawing, painting and working with clay. After studying at the Art School in Bruges, Annelies went to the Academy of Art University in Anwerp, Belgium, to study sculpture.

In 2014 she won the prize "new talent in sculpture" at the festival of contemporary art in Cannes. In 2015 she was selected to show her bronze sculpture "Maternity" at the exhibition of the "Société National des Beaux Arts" in Paris. In 2016 she went for a two month residency in Belgium where she created a 6 feet high sculpture of a young african woman in plaster and wood called "Africa". In 2018 she began a new series of work in collaboration with her ceramist collegue Marie-Line Marsaux. In this she combines ceramics with sculpture and painting creating very unique, playful coloured small pieces of art. They were exhibited in the famous "Gallerie des Hospices" in Canet-en-Roussillon near Perpignan.

" Throughout my life art has always been very important. I prefer to work with clay, for me it’s sensual, and soft character give it inexhaustible creative possibilities. Art is important to people, life and dreams. I hope that with my art I can make people dream and I can give them a some light"


2003-2006 Beaux-Arts spécialisation Sculpture Anvers, Belgium
2005-2006 Beaux-Arts Sculpture Prague, Czechia
2000-2003 Arts Plastiques Bruges, Belgium
Annelies Adriaensen

The artist at work


2015 Premier prix du public Prades, France

Solo Expositions

2017 The Jazz & Black & White Taurinya restaurant "El Taller", France

2017 Le Jazz and Black and White Taurinya restaurant "El Taller", France

2016 Droites des femmes Perpignan, Conseil Général, France

2012 " Off some paintings and some sculptures" Perpignan, restaurant "Bistrot des crus"', France

2011 "Un voyage au Pérou" Rivesaltes, cave Arnaud de Villeneuve, France

2009 "Des femmes et des portraits" Prades, médiathèque, France

Collective Expositions

2018 Histoire d'Amour Canet-en-Roussillon, France

2016 Croisées d'Art Eus, France

2015 Biënnale de printemps Cabestany, France

2015 Salon des Beaux Arts, Carroussel du Louvre Paris, France

2014 Exposition d'Art Contemporain "Artistes du monde" Cannes, France

2013 Cloître St-Genis-de-Fontaines, France

2012 Festival "Art et vivre" Domaine de l'Hospitalet Narbonne, France

2008 Les paysages de Mantet Mantet, église, France


2016 Glo-Art Lanaken, Belgium