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Campi Bisenzio, Italy

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L'arte è un percorso di conoscenza, come la filosofia. Filosofia che non è sapienza, è amore (filia) di sapienza (sofia).

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My career started in Florence in the 70s, with solo and group, among which I recall especially my first show in Gallery S. Jacopo, looking out over the 'Arno, near the Old Bridge. Over the years, I have exhibited at various events and through the various associations of which I am part. Solo exhibitions in municipal offices with the patronage of Campi Bisenzio, Signa, Pontassieve. Recent, among others, at the historic Caffè The RCMP and the Museum of Florence Guidi of Forte dei Marmi. Numerous awards and recognitions. Works on permanent display at the RCMP, the Telesia Museum, the City of Pontefract, and the Museum Ugo Guidi of Forte dei Marmi.
I do my work in the studio at Campi Bisenzio, over a Signa and Marina di Pietrasanta.
"Dynamic and vital is the painting of Anna Maria Maremmi, sliding in the color that builds the space delineating vigorous motion pictures, refractions of light and fluffy, with a noticeable sense of freedom."
Viareggio - View Hotel Esplanade - November 2013 Naples Federico
"... In his multifaceted expressive score, in which most often occur as main protagonists female figures and equine and scenic views of nature, appears constant vocation to evoke a magical dialogue between materiality and immateriality. "
Show "Moments" Pontassieve - April 2014 Roberta Fiorini
"In" The Silence and Visions "Annamaria Maremmi, there is always the intention, well and pictorially materialized, to isolate themselves mentally to open the treasure chest where magical place - from time to time - autonomous lyrical, dreams and expectations , stories / meetings interpreted and taken to be fluent with sweet and strong form cromatica.La his testimony allows us to praise the qualities already known, among which there is that of being able to communicate in that knows how to combine the already seen / thought / lived in the present, projecting in a well ... mysterious and compelling. "
- Museum Ugo Guidi - Forte dei Marmi - June 2014 Lodovico Gierut

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