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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Member since Oct 27, 2007
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My art has a soul. ♥


"In my work I have drawn inspiration from the beauty expressed in simple things in unexpected ways. I create from my own life experiences."

Anita Kovacevic is a Bosnian/Canadian fine art photographer, artist and jewelry designer. 

Born in 1975 in Slovenia, she currently lives with her family in the small village in north of Bosnia.

"I'm an internationally published and exhibited award-winning fine art photographer and visual artist. My art reflects me; my thoughts, my emotions, my life experience; and is essentially centered and inspired by the simplest, uncomplicated and quieter side of life, as well as the beauty of natural world. I try to stimulate the viewers imagination by touching them through sometimes dramatic and poetic creations. I believe that all creative work is essentially autobiographical; everything that we are, feel, our heritage, curiosity, imagination, longing, our thoughts and emotions merge into our artwork."

Anita is a contributing artist of project 'Trees of the planet - Planet of trees'  and is currently enrolled in the Professional Photography Course in the New York Institute of Photography. She is a supporter of 'Art in all of us'.

"Being deeply influenced by the Japanese philosophy that embraces simplicity, and the Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the importance of the family, I strive not to forget who I am and where I come from."


Artist's statement                                                          

My whole concept and approach to art is simple just as my philosophy of mind is. I'm inspired by the simplest and quieter side of life, and enjoy peaceful natural escapes. My images reflect my inner vision and my floating between memories and dreams. They are simplified into a quiet and poetic understanding of life and, most of the time, displacement of species, including humans. In some of my photographs there is a certain air of sadness. My images are poetic, ethereal and sometimes mystic. I photograph from inside out.

I rely on natural or minimal lighting to produce a candid style of photography. I try to lead the viewer through my visual creations on a journey of self-discovery. I'm striving for beauty at it's simplest. 

My photography is a visual poetry with a soft breath of nostalgia.

Anita Kovacevic 


From Bosnia with Love! ♥


Ansel Adams

Anita Kovacevic

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Collective Expositions

2018 CONTRAST 2018 - International exhibition of art photography, Photo Club Infinity - Doboj. Doboj, Bosnia & Herzegovina

2016 122nd Toronto International Salon of Photography, January 2016; Toronto, Ontario - Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2015 The Fifth Annual Exposure Award at the Louvre Museum in Paris July 2015- Black & White Collection SeeMe Exhibitions - The Exposure Award at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France. Paris, France

2015 2015 International Women's Exhibit 2015 - Virtual Exhibits :: Atlanta, Georgia USA Atlanta, Georgia, United States

2015 "All Women" 2015 Art Exhibition at Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery:: Jupiter, Florida USA Jupiter, Florida, United States

2014 'SeeMe Takeover Times Square' Show, NYC, USA; on Jul 2014 by SeeMee | New York, NY, United States

2014 Virtual Exhibits - International Women's Exhibit 2014 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA Atlanta, Georgia, United States

2014 International Photographic Exhibition 'Lines' 2014 - Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Egypt

2014 2nd International Exhibition of Art Photography 'Artfoto 2014' - Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bijeljina, Bosnia & Herzegovina

2013 FotoBiH 2013 - Foto Salon Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina Doboj, Bosnia & Herzegovina

2013 'Creatives Rising' Show in New York New York, NY, United States

2013 International exhibition 'The Story of the Creative' in New York, USA : July 25th - Sept 10th 2013. New York, NY, United States

2013 1st International Salon of Photography 'Art Photo 2013' - Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bijeljina, Bosnia & Herzegovina

2013 2nd International exhibition of art photography STREETS 2013 - Kumanovo, Macedonia Kumanovo, Macedonia (not Serbia), Serbia

2013 International Salon of digital photography 'Natura Naturans 2013' :: Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia

2013 Virtual Exhibits - International Women's Exhibit 2013- Atlanta, Georgia, USA Atlanta, Georgia, United States

2012 International exhibition of photography 'Beauty of face & body 2012' :: Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia

2012 2nd Salon of International digital photography 'Belgrade Photo Autumn 2012' :: Serbia Belgrade, Serbia

Publications & Press

2016 Aesthetica Magazine - Issue 73 - October/November 2016 edition York, United Kingdom

2015 Con/corso Buenos Aires 2015 catalogue - Associazione Open Art; seventh edition by Associazione Open Art Milano, Italy. Milano, Italy

2015 The Exposure Award :: Black & White Collection Book :: 2015; page 9. New York, NY, United States

2014 State of the Art - Artist's Book Vol II :: 2014; page 16. Estoril, Portugal

2014 'Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2014 Volume II'; page 163. London, United Kingdom

2013 Condign Art Magazine - Magazine Issue #3 - November 2013 Oxford, United Kingdom

2013 Art book 'Important World Artists Vol.1' - A World of Art in 2013 by the publisher World Wide Art Books Inc. Santa Barbara, California, United States

2013 Art book 'International Contemporary Artists' by ICA Publishing, Featured Artist in Vol VI, page 363. New York, NY, United States

2012 Art book 'International Contemporary Artists' by Ica Publishing; Featured Artist in Vol IV, page 320 New York, NY, United States

2009 Published in Harvests of New Millennium Journal - January 2009 Issue - Volume 2. Allahabad, India

2008 Art&Poetry book 'Harvests of New Millennium' 2008 Edition, Volume 1. Allahabad, India