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Bergamo, Italy

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Bergamo, Italy

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Artist of established reputation , Angelo Mazzoleni was born in Florence June 7, 1952 .

 Start early in his artistic career , already cultivated in his early years , under the guidance of some teachers and attending courses at the Accademia Carrara of Bergamo.In these years , participates in the first exhibition of paintings in England and in other Italian regions. Some travel, particularly in Germany and in Paris , enrich his artistic and cultural baggage and affect the first part of pittorica.Noto soperto also for having some important fossils donated to museums in Milan and Bergamo, including a erionide a generally still unknown and which was given its name ( Pseudocoleia Mazzolenii ) in their scientific publications. The interest in the mystery of the past, for history, especially early in his ancestral size , is one of the other elements that characterize his research in the field of painting, even before the foundation , with other artists, the group "NEW ART SINCRETIC " .

And ' active in the arts for three decades .

" The evolution of the artist, now thirty years , is marked by a personal search of the origins of the world of its vital forces , which , despite the variety of topics and techniques , appears as a single inner journey through time and the realities of our present. Three are the main moments of this whole path :

- The investigation of the myths of childhood and early history through symbolic representations of primal forces and energies of man ( historical origins )
- Research of the archetypes being and life through both decompositions in levels of reality through both compositions of matter for the most part " ovuliformi " or different structures whose main themes are: the symbols connected to the paths of light, temples and labyrinths the soul.
- lately, Angelo Mazzoleni he founded with other artists , the group - motion " NEW ART SINCRETICA " which, as is clear from its manifesto proposes a new experimental research of synthesis and processing personal and historical inter-ethnic artistic languages expressed by the various arts and cultures over time in order to create a work of art globally.

As regards the contents and the experimental stages the work neo- syncretic in Mazzoleni is characterized by three main cycles :
- The historical syncretism ,
- With strong contemporary social characterization ,
- The spiritual syncretism

More generally, throughout the evolution of the artist, is aimed at a synthesis of innovative and wide-ranging between past and present , aiming to represent the spring sources of life and size and mysterious ancestral human soul and the world. "

The Master has exhibited in major Italian cities , in large institutional spaces , galleries and museums in the United States , Canada and other foreign locations , including: the Biennale art in Turkey, Paris and Spain.

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Angelo Mazzoleni

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