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About the Artist

Andrea Sauer grew up in Columbia, Maryland in a home where her mother was an established painter and her father a violinist and writer. At thirteen, Andrea started private lessons from David Zuccarini, a world-reknowned oil painter. He taught her basic drawing skills and then trained her in the use of oil paints. She attended Maryland Institute, College of Art and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and continued to receive a Masters of Art Education.

Andrea has exhibited her work with several galleries and art societies. Among these are the Baltimore Watercolor Society, the American Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, The Torpedo Factory, Rockfield Mansion, the Hoffberger Gallery, Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, the Gaithersburg Art Barn and the Three Arts Club in Towson. Andrea’s work has also been featured at several galleries including the Savage Mill Art Craft Collection and the DeMatteis Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland. Her paintings have won several awards at the Torpedo Factory, the Gaithersburg Art Barn, the Maryland Institute Graduate Award, Liquitex University Award, the Maryland Federation of Women’s Club Award, the Quiet Waters Gallery and the American Civil Liberties Union Award. Most recently, her art work was displayed at the 109th Catharine Lorrilard Wolfe International Show at the National Arts Club. She also was juried into the Georgetown International Arts Show, and the 2005Philadelphia Watercolor Show. She was also selected as one of the top 12 emerging artists in the United States. Her art work will be featured in a calendar called "Emerging Artists 2006." The judges were Peggy Shapiro, the director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Tom Pratt, director of Gallery 626 also in L.A.

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Artists's Statement

The small, beautiful things that are easily overlooked and forgotten in the hustle bustle of everyday life inspire my paintings. When searching for something to paint I am forced to slow down and look for the things that appeal to my senses. I am drawn to nature’s vibrant colors and the translucence of flower petals against the opaque leaves. I enjoy the shapes and patterns found in nature, and how color can be used to pull the viewer’s eye throughout a composition. I also find myself drawn to reflective surfaces. Pushing reflected colors and yet still creating a believable three-dimensional form is intriguing.

I hope that people viewing my work have trouble looking away from the painting. I want my images to be extremely bold and the colors lush and unexpected. The image should grab people from afar and draw them in. Many of my images create a push-pull relationship between foreground and background through the use of realistic believable flowers and the contrasting background where the use of wet-on-wet paint creates blurred organic shapes. My most recent paintings also play with the use of a black background to push the translucent qualities of various flowers and how light is reflected off the petals.

Years ago an instructor at Maryland Institute, College of Art made a comment about the need to “fall in love” with what you are painting. I’ve scrapped a lot of paintings because I was worrying about switching over laundry or what I could whip up for dinner. I actually keep one of these paintings hanging on my studio wall to remind myself of the slop that I am also capable of creating. If I find myself becoming automatic and preoccupied, I stop painting. There is a certain connection that happens between artist and object and if it doesn’t happen, or you don’t “fall in love” with the object, the painting feels stilted. I love watercolors because of the unforgiving quality of the medium; if you aren’t engaged and able to act with speed and decisiveness the painting doesn’t work. I try to ride the line between impossibly intense colors and painting a believable subject. Recently, I have found myself straying from direct observation to making decisions on color, shape, and composition based on what the painting needs. I am also using Cretacolor pencils to add a different tactile feel to some of my watercolors. Light and color are still the emphasis.

My goals as a painter have become to figure out who I am as an artist. I have had extensive training as a painter but sometimes the “unlearning” of rules or techniques becomes difficult. It has to be okay to be uncomfortable and to be willing to put something off to the side for a while so that everything doesn’t become to precious. I have seen marvelous artists that have gotten caught in the trap of creating the same painting over and over. I want to avoid that. While I may work in a series, or address a subject more than once, I am constantly looking for where my next piece will take me. Sometimes that idea will germinate from something very simple. I have learned to trust in myself, and follow that idea.

My hope is that my images will bring enjoyment to viewers and that some of my fascination and reverence for nature will become theirs.

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Artist's Resume

Experience: -Selected as 2006 Emerging Artist of Year by Los Angeles County
Museum of Art.
- Currently represented in Gallery 1683 in Annapolis, Maryland and Gallery RoCa in Havre De Grace, Maryland.
- Upcoming one- person show at the Fairhaven Gallery in Sykesville,
Maryland in September, 2008.
- A one-person show at the Slayton House Gallery in Columbia, Maryland in April, 2006.
-Featured artist in two- person show at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn in April-May 2005.
-Featured artist in two- person show at the River Road Unitarian Universalist Church in Potomac, Maryland during February 2005.
-Educator for eleven years in drawing, painting, and sculpture at the secondary level.
-Representation for the last decade within three galleries including the DeMatteis Gallery in Annapolis, Md., Art Craft Gallery in Savage, Maryland and The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia.
-Selected to participate with the Art Institute of Chicago’s Teacher Institute of Contemporary Art in 2003.
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, spring 1993
Major- General Fine Arts
Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland.
Masters of Art Education, spring 1994.
Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland.
English Credential, 1999- 2000
University of California at Irvine Campus, Irvine, California.

2006 Emerging Artists Calendar
Torpedo Factory, Honorable Mention in Artist’s Garden Show
Gaithersburg Art Barn, Second Place, Floral Watercolor Show
Quiet Waters Gallery, First Place, watercolor
Baltimore Area Cooperating Teachers Association
Torpedo Factory, Watercolor, First Place
Maryland Institute, College of Art Graduate Award
Maryland State Scholarship Award
Liquitex, Excellence in Art University Award
Maryland Federation of Women’s Clubs Art Award, Three First Place Awards, four Honorable Mention Awards

Horizon Grant 2003-2004
Maryland State Arts Council Grant 1994-1997
Howard County Arts Council Grant 1994-1997
Howard County Commissioning Grant 1998
Maryland State Arts Council Mini Grant 1998
Washington Post Grants in the Arts 1998

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