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ame sauvage

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Emily SAUVAGE "Wild Soul" likes to define himself as a passionate young artist. Artist of his time, one can read in his eyes a desire to peer into the world and to restore color to dream, be enraptured and fascinated by human nature and all her emotions and a desire to take everything offered life!

She chose to work in an abstract register, at least non-figurative, the spontaneous as possible, immediate, allowing it to express the deepest feelings, her dreams too, that will become, for all those who can see accessible, visible!

Her painting is full of life and we will guess, the better we will really see this curiosity of all that is hers, that desire, canvas after canvas, discovering a little deeper, through his creations, which is , which is the other but also to try to unravel this mystery of the great work on the road, which is offered, is proving that it hosts.
The mystery of creation!

His universe is well defined: Emilia speaks of "kingdom" between the two, between dream and reality. A surreal world, which leaves a nice place to dream but also to the absurd and the unknown. Everything is possible, happy, happy human!
Dream, escape, fly, travel, make visible the hidden things better, and here's the first step. Productive, so it is vital his painting. Like a breath.

Chemist, in his studio when it tests the colors, dares associations, looking resolutely to give color to life. Adventurer, too, when her painting, she dares to travel, she does not know the destination nor the journey.

But that's not all. Emily is above all a beautiful human nature ... which has already attracted and will not fail to continue to attract the sympathies. So human in his desire to share his imaginary journeys in his desire to meet and exchange ideas. In his desire that the other focuses, look into his works. She offers!

Colorist foremost, his hand and his artistic personality are affirmed. Humble and passionate, it allows the viewer to feel immediate response to his work, an immense energy, palpable at first glance, sure, it will not stop there!

Text written by Muriel Cayet, colorist painter, writer and art therapist.