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Pamela Allegretto-Franz

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Painting, Drawing 861 Followers Member since 2008
United States
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Fun Art 8 artworks

In this gallery I plan to include painting that don't follow any specific category, except, perhaps, "paintings that were fun to paint and not too serious.

Abstract Art 4 artworks

At one time or another an artist feels the urge to paint something that is in the mind's eye and not what the eye sees.

Italian Life 17 artworks

Life in Italy can be as exciting as zipping around the 2,000 year-old monuments of Rome in a red Vespa to the tranquility of a secluded Mediterranean beach. Life in Italy is musical and magical. There’s only one thing it isn’t: it isn’t boring. These artworks are also available in giclee prints from greeting card size to poster size. Contact the artist for information, or click on "links" at the top of the page for a direct link to the print site: Finartamerica. com

Trompe L'oeil 19 artworks

Trompe L’oeil “Views To Go” : I started my “Views To Go” collection while living in Hawaii. My art studio was a portion of a converted garage with one small window. I played with the idea of painting a faux window on one of the walls, but decided a canvas painting would be more practical as I could take my “view” with me when I moved. Happily, My “Views To Go” series has become quite popular. It seems most people enjoy a room with a view, whether it’s real or a whimsical trompe l’oeil. These acr...

Italian Scenes 14 artworks

Italian Gallery: My frequent trips throughout Italy persistently spark my urge to paint. Although I’m primarily lured to paint Italy’s diverse architecture, it’s impossible to resist an occasional Tuscan sun-drenched landscape or turquoise Mediterranean panorama. Gallerie d’Italia: I miei viaggi frequente in tutta l’Italia accendono il mio impulso dipingere. Benchè principalmente mi attira dipingere l’architettura diversa, ogni tanto è impossibile resistere il paesaggio Toscano baciato d...

Italian Architecture 14 artworks

I’m not clear what sparked my fascination with architecture; maybe I was a carpenter or stonemason in another life. Whatever the reason, the fact is, I love to paint buildings and houses. Each one has its own personality and poses its individual challenges to the artist. Certainly, Italy’s diverse architecture is a persistent lure. From the Tyrolean influence in the north, to the beehive-shaped Trulli in the south, Italy offers a diversity of architecture second to none. These artworks are als...

The Music Room Gallery 19 artworks

Painting musicians and music related themes is a great way to shake all those "blues" away. It's impossible to feel gloomy when you're painting musical art.

Minimalism 9 artworks

Once in a while, it's fun to step away from structure and have some fun with simple lines.

New England 16 artworks

New England Gallery: When I tell people that we moved from Hawaii to Connecticut, the first response is always “Why?” After living in the CT River Valley for the past 2 years, my answer is still a resounding, “Because it’s so beautiful!” Connecticut is an artist’s paradise. In addition to the vibrant explosion of fall colors, the ocean, rivers, lakes, state and national parks, and quaint villages offer endless vistas to capture on canvas. Galleria di New England: Quando dico alla gente c...

Island Art Gallery 24 artworks

During my ten years living in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, I had the good fortune to devote myself full-time to painting. Guided by “Auntie Carol” at the Kona Art Center, I followed my inner-artist’s voice to paint what I loved. Artist, Roseanne Ng, taught me to “kiss” each painting with a splash of red. And without critiques from fellow artists: Nicolina Rinaldi, Barbara Gleason, Lisa Bunge, Christina Elliston, and Carmela Brooks, I would still be dabbling in the dark. Galleria D'Is...

Flower Gallery 15 artworks

Flower Gallery Blurb: Although the ability to identify most flowers by their proper name eludes me, and my lack of floristic knowledge is often times manifested when for example, I paint rose leaves on a daisy, still, I love to paint flowers and will continue to do so, be they authentic reproductions or flowers that reside only in my mind’s eye. Benchè mi elude l’abilità identificare i fiori coi nomi giusti, e si vede la mia mancanza della conoscenza floreale quando dipingo una margherita...

Animated Angels 5 artworks

These angels were painted for the enjoyment of the young and the young at heart. All paintings are acrylic on 140 pound Arches watercolor paper and come matted and ready to frame. For quality giclee prints from greeting card size to poser size, visit my gallery on fineartamerica .com ( click on "links"on this site or contact me for more information. Per il migliore qualita`delle stampe fatto in giclee, vai alla mia galleria in finartamerica .com (clicca su "links" oppure scrivimi qui pe...