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Welcom to my art page!

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Painting is a never-ending journey where there is always a challeng, a learning experience and inspiration to Images.I like to use palette knife and oil paints in my paintings. My paintings are inspired by the colors and texture seen in my travels and in my illusion. The paintings acquire depth, life and energy.If I can capture that energy and make a connection with the collector on an emotional level, then I've created a successful painting. My paintings found the collectors in United Kingdon, USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Africa, Taiwan, China, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Israel, Ukraine and many European countries.

I am always available for Individual oil painting commissions.

I do standart delivery via with tracking number:E.U.- 5-10 working days USA, Australia, Canada, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Peru, Russia , Ukraine and other countries - 10-21 working days.
If you are need fast delivery by DHL 48h, please whrite me the message.

Alena Shymchonak

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