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Séranon, France

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Karine van de Velde is an American Orientalist Painter. Descendant of a famous Dutch family of painters, she was born in Sweden where she spent her early days. At six years old, she left Europe for the shores of Africa where she lived until she graduated high school in Ivory Coast.

In 1991, seven years after moving to Aix en Provence to take a degree in modern literature, Karine entered the world of painting.

In 2003, she interrupts her career and takes back her brushes in 2012

In 2013, She was awarded the painting prize at the 35th edition of the “Salon des Ecrivains et Artistes rapatriés à Antibes.”

Mr Marcel van Jole, International curator of Cagnes-sur-Mer Museums’ exhibitions, describes Karine as an Orientalist painter. With Karine, the lights of the Orient dance in a brushstroke.

About Karine paintings, Mr Jean-Claude Orru says:

“The waves of the dunes painted by Karine van de Velde are a journey into a different reality. She moves into the world of lights, matter and colours. In her paintings, each impression, each perception may be a source of inspiration, in which formal reality breaks free of its restraints, even abolishing the inescapable step towards the horizon – boundless. Karine van de Velde’s paintings burst the boundaries of formalism, as they invite us to discover another dimension of space. From the heart of the dunes seeps out the music of setting suns and full moons, and the song of the waking light embracing the horizon; Karine’s inspiration is nurtured by this music, by these landscapes, by these colours from ancient times, by these sands that were once water – to our delight. From shade to light, from stillness in time to an a-temporal approach, from a new path resphaping perspective, Karine drives us through a journey where she talentedly brushes these colours made of tenderness and ethereal music. She teaches us that in the desert, music is also silence...

She has established her painting studio AFRIKAVELDE in Seranon, located in the hinterland of Grasse, south of France


Turner, Dinet, van de Velde Willem, van de Velde Adrian, Guillaumet


2018 Prix peinture 40° Salon des artistes rapatriés Antibes 06, France

2018 Arts en Siagne Prix peinture Saint-Cézaire sur Siagne 06, France