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Eschborn, Germany

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Adrian Bayreuther
“All things are implicated with one another by a holy ribbon”
~ Mark Aurel

Adrian Bayreuther is an abstract artist, who lives and creates in Eschborn, Germany.
He dedicated his entire life for art: as a professional drawer, musician and painter.
Seminars in typography, calligraphy and computer graphics helped him to maintain his artistical level high and actual. Many of his watercolour, abstract works made with lacquer as well as large sized batik works can be found in private collections throughout the world.
For about ten years he developed a deep affection to the works of the Russian avant-garde, the real founders of modern art. Repression, negligence and disregard during both world wars, the domination of the Stalinists and National Socialists as well as the cold war are combated by Adrian Bayreuther’s bundling of constructivism, futurism and suprematism. During this reanimation he developed his own style, which is really a world of difference compared to any other abstract art.
Bayreuther is synaesthesist, he has the ability to see music as coloured objects and transmits them to the canvas. Consequently, his ability is responsible for his art works which contain two- and three-dimensional elements simultaneously.

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