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Elena Kirillova

Moscow, Россия
Художник (Скульптура, Художественная композиция)
Родился в 1970
Modern reality dictates new goals and requires the generation of new rhythms, going beyond the flatness literally, not only due to light and shadow.

Artist, mosaicist.
Member of International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists AIMC (Ravenna).
In 2009 I have taken the nippers, mosaic hammer and since that time I cannot release them from my hands.
Mosaic for me is an opportunity to make life brighter. Any idea realized in a mosaic becomes juicier and more festive. Mosaics from smalt turn out colorful, with amazing positive energy. I like working with my hands, feeling the depth of colors, processing a tree, cutting smalt, always being surprised and enjoying the result.

I love mosaics and respect traditional techniques, but I try to do something new, something that raises a lot of questions. For me it's interesting to come up with new techniques. My new author's technique is a mosaic made of pieces of fused glass. Each glass element is melted manually. This everything is in combination with smalt and metals. 

I realize my ideas in pictures, objects of interior, furniture.
I take part in various local and international exhibitions.
Works are kept in private collections.

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