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Elena Done

Estepona, Malaga, Spain
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date
As an artist, I explore the connection between figurative and decorative art.

Elena Done (born 1973)

What interests me is the dialogue between realistically depicted figures and forms and dynamic, abstract or decorative backgrounds. I convey my inner experiences and feelings through female images. 

As for my values, I could name them as Passion, Energy, Curiosity, Variety, Joy, Dignity, Fantasy.


Passion and Dignity I find in the subject that I paint. I’m mostly figurative. I love people. My favorite landscape and the most intriguing subject is the human form.

Energy you can see in my manner of creating - I paint with thick pastose strokes. Texture is important to me, I can put as many as 7 layers, with the purpose of giving depth, this depth creating a unique personality of the artwork and the aura of a living thing. 

Bright colors make you feel alive and energized. Here in Spain the sky is vibrant blue, the greenery is bald, the flowers have energetic pink, red, magenta strokes. The brightness is quotidian and, hence, justified.

Fantasy is in the style, which can be called Marvellous Realism. I combine figurative painting with decorative elements, with ornaments. My Marvellous realism is not a fiction, it is combination of a very original figurative and magical decorative context all together. Ornamental decorative elements become part of the composition, part of the plot, of the subject.

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