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Artista (Disegno, Pittura)
Nato a data sconosciuta
When the Soul is ready,the things are too

Edonista21 was born in Varese,Italy,lives and works in Central Europe,descendant of the Venetian Renaissance painter Girolamo Dal Toso (1480-1523),her artistic skills are manifested already in early childhood at the age of two years old:she surprises the Nursery school teachers with a drawing of a full human figure,she will then argue during adolescence that she prefers to portray human subjects. At the age of five years old,she began the first approach with wood in the laboratory of her father,a wood sculptor .at the age of six she returned exclusively to the drawing wich will be a way of expression and comfort following her father's abandonement.she thus discovered the taste of the crudeness of the images,emphasizing in the features and expression, placing herself in front of realty with naturalness and amazement charging,with drama and intensity in the graphic and pictorial sign.At the age of seven,she won a painting competition promoted by the WWF for a new logo,at the age of thirteen she guide by her lower secondary school teachers to continue her studies in the arts,so she attended the Leonardo da Vinci Project Experimental Art High school in Italy,thus began at the age of fourteen the desire to express herself also on the street walls of the City of Milan as a street artist signing herself with a male pseudonym:Zack.To the pictorial competitions imposed by her school she responded with provocative Fauvist paintings.She did not attend the Brera Academy of fine Arts in Milan or the faculty of Architecture like most of her friends,but she preferred to continue her studies in Clinical psychology at the University of Urbino and in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Bologna.She develops new techniques by performance each work without real creative control,her creative process thus becomes free and reponds to completely unconscious guidelines,research in every single style becomes in this way,partially desired.

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