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Biser Panayotov

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Biser Panayotov’s paintings are metaphorically-allegoric, filled with mystic-mythological characters. Most often these are stylized female figures situated in multiple-aspect spaces, and also strange animals and birds. Biser Panayotov says himself that he paints fictitious, almost fairy words because hi is unsatisfied with the
reality. Our world is too material, and on a mediocre level at that, he says. He strives for a more spiritual life and this is his art’s mission. From his teacher Kiril Stanchev he has learned something very important - to have a clear stand on life and to uphold his principles to achieve self - perfection and creative progress.
As to the technical aspect of his pictures, they represent a saturated and rich art of painting. The space is created and formed by color. Brighter and fresher shades and hues are preferred. The image as if arises out of nothing - as a metaphysical act. Biser Panayotov’s paintings can be observed long and gradually still newer elements can be found in them. By realizing his conception in the world of fantasy, the author is tempted to play with the viewer and also with himself. Images in their sensuous - material form convey other images and suggest rich associations. The works have more intellectual than material orientation. They possess a certain dose of mysticism. Some of them are influenced by music, mainly by jazz.
Biser Ivanov Panayotov's richly imaginative canvasses are filled with delicate but bold shapes and colors. The images evoke organisms, landscapes, and objects with their graceful curves and elaborate detail. The subtle tones of rich red and orange, watery blue and sunlight yellow indicate a fantasy world. His work is mystical, recalling experience rather than intellectually laden and symbolic, leaving the viewers free to compose their own meaning based on sensual interpretation. He concerns himself more with the interaction of different patterns than clearly definable foreground and background to create space and depth in his paintings. Panayotov was born and continues to live and work in Ruse, Bulgaria. He studied with the famous Ruse artist Kiril Stanchev. His first work was exhibited in a Youth Show in 1988 in Ruse and has continued to exhibit work consistently since. His paintings are in private collections across Europe, Canada and the United States


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