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Dietrich Moravec

Burgau, Deutschland
Künstler (Malerei, Zeichnungen)
Geboren in 1950

I´m a selftaught artist. I started painting and drawing when I was still at school and kept on learning and practising ever since.
I was very interested in the techniques of the Old Masters and experimented with egg tempera and oils. Later on I turned to acrylics and a combination of acrylics and oil colors.
Many years I spent with printmaking, especially with etchings, but also alternative printmaking with intagliotype.
As I am always curious to learn new techniques, I experimented with coloured pencils, scratchboard, watercolour and pastels.

Since my early beginnings as an artist I was always drawn to realism and later to photorealism. Some trials in abstract painting ended soon and did not really satisfy me very much.

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