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Diana Coatu

Artist (Digital Arts)
Born 1962
"The artist dreams in the heart of the endlessness."

Diana Coatu is a Romanian digital artist and has participated and won awards in more than twenty exhibitions and contests.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "The artist dreams in the heart of the endlessness. The infinite releases itself from the constraints of time releasing light. A fresh new world is shaping up, erupting from the virtual, and imposing a brand new reality upon the viewer. My artworks reveal the holofractographic nature of the universe. The journey to other dimensions, the archetypes, the ethereal, the quantic dimensions, the mythological and the oneiric frequently materialize, having a profound spiritual meaning. The intense connection, which exists between everything and everyone most often breaks out in full force; at other times it makes its way in a subtle, almost imperceptible fashion, transposing the beholder to a fascinating realm, whilst seducing him. That is where the mirrors of being reunite the primordial beauty with the joy of being one. The digital environment provides me with the ideal framework for creating such sceneries, where the quality of light and the purity of color transpose the viewer. I invite you to get carried to other dimensions, in which dreams and visions get intertwined in the realm of visual magic."                                                                                       

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