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Liam G Déziel

Stukely Sud, Québec, Canada
Artiste (Peinture, Arts numériques)
Né(e) en 1947


Liam G. Déziel | Visual Arts (painting & photography)


During her teenage years, Liam G. Déziel distinguished herself from her peers because of her energy, her dynamism, her audacity. Thanks to her fiery spirit, doors opened up that led to unknown horizons and allowed her to explore different artistic venues.

She took pleasure in tasting diverse mediums. Her first love, oil painting, brought her into the worlds of artistic creation on clothing, photography, artistic slide shows, and many more. Nowadays, she dances an unfinished waltz between acrylic painting and photography.

Painting allows her to channel her bountiful energy, to contact her soul so as to give birth to a unique creation, to offer a minute segment of her own perception of daily life. For several years now, she has been more intensely involved in this form of art.

She mentions: “My artistic nature is based on spontaneity. That is why I favour acrylic painting, as it allows for speed of execution. Occasionally, I incorporate other mediums to bring more vividness to a painting.”

Her themes are semi-abstract creations filled with brilliant colours and explosive emotions. They leave the spectator free to transform them into personal visions of their internal universe.

Découvrez les oeuvres d'art contemporain de Liam G Déziel, parcourez les oeuvres d'art récentes et achetez en ligne. Catégories: artistes contemporains canadiens (né(e) en 1947). Domaines artistiques: Peinture, Arts numériques. Type de compte: Artiste , membre depuis 2008 (Pays d'origine Canada). Achetez les dernières œuvres de Liam G Déziel sur Artmajeur: Découvrez de superbes oeuvres par l'artiste contemporain Liam G Déziel. Parcourez ses oeuvres d'art, achetez des oeuvres originales ou des impressions haut de gamme.

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