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25,6x19,7 in ©2019 von Petr Strnad
Position III. - Painting, 25,6x19,7 in ©2019 von Petr Strnad - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstrakte Kunst, Geometrisch, Landschaft, Kosmos, Orte, abstract, grunge, texture, geometric, shapes, rectangles, stripes, wall art, acrylic, space, place, urban

Position III.
25,6x19,7 in ©2019 von Petr Strnad. 'Position III.' is an acrylic painting on paper. This artwork IS NOT prepared for instant hanging! As an abstract painter I focus on a strong use of perspective and geometric shapes to deconstruct the scene before which I then reconstruct to new 'private' painting language. Thus it is an artistic trend in which forms, colours,patterns, textures and materials combine to make a visually rich and meaningful object. I always try to create pictures that are less informative and more suggestive, where space is left for viewers to stimulate their fantasy and imagination. Unframed. Signed and titled on the back. The colours sometimes vary on the computer monitors and may differ from the original version.

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