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David Schoffman



CA, United States

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The artist David Schoffman, sometimes known as D. Schoffman or D.A. Rachamim, is a fictional character, an invention of the actual artist, David Schoffman. Together with the Cuban painter Micah Carpentier, the Parisian bon-vivant Currado Malaspina and the fetching conceptualist Dahlia Danton, Schoffman (the fictional one) has taken part in the creation of over 200 manifestos and half a dozen frivolous lawsuits. An avid though still amateur athlete, David competes regularly for whatever professio...

Member since Dec 27, 2004 ~ Last modification date : Nov 7, 2017

The Work Of My Good Friend Currado Malaspina
The work of Currado Malaspina

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