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David Kitching

Polis, Cyprus
Artist (Digital Arts)
Born 1959
Creating art is a journey. The destination can't be predicted but you know when you've arrived.

David Kitching is British and was taking photographs and printing black and white images when he was just 12 years old. By his early twenties he was working in Graphic Reproduction, converting contone photographs into halftone printing plates.

By age twenty five, he was working in Kenya, firstly doing Repro work for advertising agencies and publishers, and then as a freelance photographer. This experience helped him migrate to the new paradigm of computer graphics in the late 1980s and he eventually became a consultant based in the UK, working with high end, unix based digital image manipulation systems around the world, within the advertising and publishing sectors. It was on these systems that he learned his skills, which he continues to hone as technologies evolve at an ever increasing pace.

His path to the digital art world was therefore unusual. Self taught, based on a lifelong, passionate interest in both photography and digital imaging and grounded in an expertise acquired from the very earliest days of digital art and image manipulation.

Then the Apple Mac and Photoshop revolutionised the sector. So heI left employment to take a masters degree in Multimedia Systems in order to understand the new digital domain in its wider sense. Over the subsequent ten years, during which he got married and both of his sons arrived, an effective IT revolution took place. As digital photography replaced analogue, so computer technologies in the wider sense increasingly played a part in the creative industries.

In 2014/15 he spent nine months in Budapest and then moved to beautiful Crete in 2016 for fifteen months. He's been settled in Cyprus since 2017. Of his two sons, one is now a doctor and the other an ecologist. Both live in the UK and he's in constant touch with them.

I'm now focused solely on the creation of digital art, building on over thirty years of experience. It's an utterly absorbing creative occupation with endless possibilities for different forms, feels and styles and is hugely satisfying when, after many days of work, there is a tangible result in the form of a unique and beautiful image that I've created. There's often a disparity between what I set out to create and what finally emerges as the creative process becomes partly led by unexpected effects and outcomes of digital processes. This emergence of the unexpected gives the working process an element of serendipity and is fun and gratifying as it opens up unexpected or previously unconsidered possibilities.

Creating these pictures makes me feel whole. It's especially gratifying to see large prints hanging on the wall. I hope you like my work.

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