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David Heger

Dublovice, Czechia
Artist (Photography)
Born 1968
Photographs are movie frozen in time for me.

David Heger is a photographer who gets his inspiration from his time working as a second cameraman at a puppet animation studio under the supervision of Miloslav Spala, the famed Jan Svankmajer's cameraman. The beauty of the Czech environment, as well as the works of Frantiek Drtikol and Jan Saudek, have affected his work.

He is able to evoke a pleasant sense of nostalgia in his photos, which would not be the case if the color was not muted. He also employs color muting to produce a more atmospheric sense, and the exaggerated colors and clouds in the sky in this image contribute significantly to the idealistic tone.

David lives in a little village near Prague, Czech Republic, with his wife and two children, among gorgeous hills land. He is an artist who is self-taught. For his art, he has garnered numerous accolades (Best of the Best award Hiii Photography International Competition in 2013, East West Art Award, London, 1st place in 2019...)

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